July 4, 2024 at 10:25 pm

‘How about we fight for it?’ – Potential Home Buyer Calls Open Houses “Peak Toxicity”

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@fredasquith

Who knew that people had such strong feelings about open houses?!?!

A TikTokker named Fred posted a video on the social media platform and talked about how he’s NOT a fan of the whole open house thing when it comes to trying to buy a home.

He told viewers, “As if the London housing market wasn’t toxic enough, they’re getting you to view the house all at the same time, all the applicants.

And you all stand outside waiting for the agent to come out and it’s awkward and you ask each other questions like oh how long have you been looking and have you viewed any places?”

Source: TikTok/@fredasquith

Fred continued, “They’re passive aggressively saying get the **** off this flat. Then the agent comes out [and says] ‘OK come in’. You all shuffle in like sheep and the worst part is you’re all duplicates of each other, ’cause you’re all looking at the same flat, so you’re probably the same kind of income, same kind of demographic, same age, same life, probably same hobbies.”

He added, “Do you know what? I don’t even want this flat I don’t even wanna conform to this stereotype that I’m clearly in. But then at the same time I’m watching them walk around, touch everything, and I’m like get off my **** ’cause it’s gonna be my ****, mate.”

The caption to Fred’s video reads, “How about we fight for it in the shared garden.”

Source: TikTok/@fredasquith

In the comments, Fred wrote, “This is a diatribe about the phenomenon of open house viewings, from the perspective of one I just went to as part of my own flat search.”

He continued, “Here I discuss the toxicity of bunching in 25 duplicates into the same tiny flat, making them watch each other touch everything, step on the carpet in their shoes and generally ask questions that make you feel defensive about losing your chance to get the flat.”

Fred also wrote, “I’ve heard open house viewings are big in Europe, particularly Berlin, but I’d never been to one myself. May the odds be ever in your favor if you go to one of these. Still waiting to hear back on my offer.”

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Source: TikTok/@fredasquith

Check out his video.


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This is how people reacted.

This person spoke up.

Source: TikTok/@fredasquith

Another viewer shared their thoughts.

Source: TikTok/@fredasquith

Another individual took another approach to this process.

Source: TikTok/@fredasquith

I never thought about that before!

It definitely sounds awkward.

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