Dec 6, 2011

3 Bizarre Theme Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan


It should come as no surprise that Tokyo, Japan is the mecca of theme restaurants. From deranged hospitals to ninja waiters, there is no shortage of bizarre culinary experiences awaiting to delight and baffle your senses. Below are three interesting examples, but there are many more in Tokyo and around the world. From fantasy to horror, there’s a theme restaurant for everyone, enjoy!



Alcatraz E.R. – Medical Prison Restaurant



Official website:
Address: Dogenzaka 2-13-5, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0043, Harvest Building 2F

Alcatraz E.R. was one of the pioneers of theme restaurants kick-starting the trend over a decade ago by capitalizing on people’s fascination with hospital food. The setting is a “medical prison” and you are the patient. The waitresses are dressed nurses, and their first order is tohandcuff you, pretend to inject a giant needle into your rear, and then lock you in a cell. There, you can order such dishes as Dead Chicken (in which two chicken feet are clasped together in peaceful repose), Penis Sausage (in which a sausage is carved to resemble a severed penis) and Intestine. There are also plenty of strange cocktail concoctions served in syringes, mannequin heads and test tubes. It’s all very bizarre and a dining experience you won’t soon forget… [Source]




Tokyo Alcatraz

Photograph by Bjorn Rantil











Photograph by kabukigraph on Flickr





Ninja Akasaka – Ninja Theme Restaurant


Photograph by Adrian N.


Official site:
Address: 1F Akasaka Tokyu Plaza 2-14-3 Nagata-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Ninja Akasaka is a classy immersion in Shogun-era coolness. A featureless black doorway in Tokyo’s Akasake-Mitsuke business district leads to a maze of cave-like corridors. Soon you’re greeted by a ninja and given a secret password. Watch out for the disintegrating bridge! The food is spectacular modern Japanese, with the prices to match – in one showy dish a sword is yanked from a coconut to release a fountain of dry ice smoke. Apparently the dessert menu is particularly dramatic. It’s no surprise they’ve got a signed plaque commemorating Steven Spielberg’s visit: the place feels like a set from Indiana Jones and the Ninjas of Tokyo [Source]. To get a sense of the restaurant, scan through the promotion video below, it’s an eye-opener :)


Photograph by Smack Jackal



Photograph by hinagiku on Flickr





Photograph by Jonno212 on Flickr



Photograph by Dan Woods





Photograph by azneecs on Flickr



Alice in Wonderland Theme Restaurant


Photograph by aS_Umi on Flickr


Official site:
Address: Taiyo Bldg, 5F, 8-8-5 Ginza, Chou-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

On the continuum of Japanese cosplay, the Alice In Wonderland restaurant keeps things family-friendly. While you are served by a battalion of waitresses all dressed like Alice, there is plenty of other touches to keep the atmosphere from becoming totally creepy: bunny tails on the chairs, a big clock against one wall, and a Mad Hatter Tea Party room over which towers a giant lamp (you’ve shrunk, remember?) that contrasts with a tiny version at the entrance (back when you were huge). Some appetizers come served on a chessboard, and the pizzas are done up like playing-card soldiers. Try the Green Caterpillar tuna and avocado sushi roll, or the cute Mock Turtle Mimosa Salad. [Source]




Photograph by aS_Umi on Flickr









Photograph by aS_Umi on Flickr







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