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College Won’t Stop Blasting Music During An Annual Celebration, But This Nurse Needed Sleep. So She Found A Way To Break This 50-Year-Old Tradition.

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge/Pexels/MART-PRODUCTION

Your home is a sanctuary, and there’s nothing worse than when something disrupts that.

For this person, it felt almost impossible to get any rest with booming music for 10 days!

So, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Let’s see what happened…

Revenge on school playing the same song on repeat between 8am and 6pm for 10 days.

Firstly I live in a European country where healthcare is publicly funded.

Second I’m a nurse, think emergency services (I make $ 45k a year, and *have to work all holidays).

Third I work nights.

This college right next to me has this thing every spring where they build floats and do a parade. I’m all for it, let the kids have fun!

However… there’s a catch…

They however pick a horrible song and blast it in the parking lot, which is right next to our building, from 8am to 6pm everyday for 10 days straight.

After a few days I was desperate for sleep.

That week the weather was beautiful, people were drinking heavily and many of these required emergency care on top of all the usual cardiac arrest, shootings and what not.

I closed the window and died from the heat but i could still hear it. I had the windows closed and bought earplugs, I could still hear it. I slept two hours before my 10 hour shifts.

So she’s polite… for now.

I called the college and asked to talk to the person in charge, left my details but no one got back to me.

I called again the next day and asked to talk to person in charge – finally get the man on the line. I explained my problem, and asked if they could do something about the volume or change the song. He laughed and said it was tradition.

I said I wasn’t able to work if I couldn’t sleep and asked who was going to pay for my loss of income.

He answered that he already did that by paying tax. I asked him a few things about their permits, asked him if he wanted things to go this way. He said yes.

Then things got more serious…

I called the police – (not emergency number) explained the situation and that he’d said that he was the one paying me my wages.

The police did not like that since they get to hear the same thing all the time. Then I referenced a new law about public disturbing with music.

The next day the music was waaay down.


The next year I couldn’t hear it unless I went outside and stood completely still.

Turns out I ruined a 50 year old tradition, and my walk got an extra bounce.

Do not mess with a sleep deprived nurse!

Let’s see how Reddit felt about this petty revenge…

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While a tradition has ended, this nurse is well-rested!

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