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Her Constantly Late Husband Wasn’t Ready For A Dinner Reservation, So She Left Home And Went Without Him

by Matthew Gilligan

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It’s my party and I’ll do what I want to!

Okay, that’s not EXACTLY how that famous old song goes, but it’s close enough.

And I can only imagine that the woman you’re going to hear from was singing that in her head as she drove away from her husband.

But did she go too far?

Check out her story and see what you think.

AITA for going to my birthday dinner without my husband when he wasn’t ready on time?

“It was my (40 F) 40th birthday a few days ago and we had a reservation for a table at a nice restaurant for 7pm.

It takes about 20 minutes to drive to the restaurant so I planned to leave the house at 6:30pm to build in time for traffic and picking up my father.

He wasn’t getting the hint…

My husband (43 M) had decided to do a bit of work on his car about half an hour before we needed to leave. At 6:30 when the kids and I were waiting by the door, he was still doing it.

He hadn’t changed and hadn’t showered. I told him to quickly get ready, but it got to 6:50 and he still wasn’t ready yet so I decided to just leave without him.

This has happened before…

He has a habit of always running late when we go out and he is always the last one to be ready. Normally I can tolerate it since it only sets things back by ten minutes at the most, but my birthday dinner was important to me and I had been looking forward to it for weeks.

Making us wait for 20 minutes was driving me nuts, so I yelled out that we were leaving and left, because I didn’t want to lose the table, since we would have arrived about 7:20.

I called the restaurant to let them know we would be late and we luckily still had our table, but my husband didn’t show up at the restaurant and when we got home he was mad at me.

I told him that I was tired of him not respecting my time and always making people wait for him, and that he could have made his own way to the restaurant.

My father agreed with my decision to leave without him, but my kids were a little upset that he wasn’t there to have dinner with us.

So, AITA?”

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That was cold!

Good luck with that marriage!

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