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She Warned A Friend That A Coworker Uses Men On Dating Sites For Free Meals. Now Her Coworker Is Upset She Had To Pay For Her Own Dinner.

by Trisha Leigh

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Online dating is a real experience, y’all, and the majority of the time, not in a good way.

Still, it’s how things are done now, so you just have to be aware that not everyone is there for the right reasons.

Like this woman’s coworker, who talks men into taking her out for expensive meals before ghosting them afterward.

I (28m) work with this woman Lydia (24f) who has a very annoying habit.

She has a dating profile that she uses specifically to lure guys to buying her expensive dinners at restaurants she wants to try and then ghosts them.

Lydia brags about this all the time, and is never interested in actually dating, but she’ll act like it to sell it.

I can’t stand this because it’s playing with people’s hearts, but Lydia thinks of it as a life hack to try food or drinks she otherwise couldn’t afford.

When her widowed friend matched with her coworker, she warned him about this little scheme.

My friend Daniel (32m) is also on dating sites, but for the right reasons.

His late wife died a few years ago, and he’s just started jumping back into the dating scene.

Daniel’s a very sweet guy, and I really want him to find a great lady for him.

A few days ago, he texted me asking if I knew Lydia.

They matched and got to talking about work, which is how he found out we worked at the same place.

I told him all about Lydia’s BS with the restaurant thing, and made it very clear to him he would do best to drop things with her early on.

He decided he would go but ask for separate checks.

Daniel said he’d probably still do the date but ask for separate checks.

Her coworker came into work hot under her collar about having to pay for her own expensive meal.

Well they went out this past weekend and on Monday Lydia came into work very upset.

I asked her how her date with Daniel went, and she ripped into me asking if I was the one who told him not to pay for her dinner.

Apparently she had Daniel take her to a high end steakhouse and she ended up splurging.

She got a drink, a full entree with a side and dessert where Daniel just ordered a sandwich and salad.

Her bill alone came to $70 something, and she was almost in tears at work as she didn’t expect to pay for it and now her car was low on gas.

I got a little upset too as she tried to use my friend as a literal meal ticket, but somehow she doesn’t see it that way.

Daniel told me later the date was going kind of well until he asked for separate checks, and then Lydia just got weirdly cold.

The poster doesn’t see why she should feel badly.

So now Lydia’s mad at me because I told someone about her little tactic and it backfired on her.

I don’t feel like I did anything wrong since it was a grieving friend I was protecting but some other people we work with said I should have stayed out of it because it was none of my business.

Does Reddit think she should? Let’s find out!

The top comment says her luck simply ran out.

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This person says she has no one to blame but herself.

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Apparently this is a common thing people do.

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She should be more prepared.

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No one feels sorry for the coworker at all.

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I definitely don’t think she did anything wrong.

I mean…it was kind of her business.

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