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Debt Collectors Wouldn’t Stop Calling For The Wrong Person, So He Figured Out A Way To Make Them Leave Him Alone.

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge/Pexels/Andrea-Piacquadio

There’s nothing more annoying than constantly getting a phone call that’s not meant for you.

It’s even worse when it’s from a debt collector!

This person was tired of getting calls that we’re meant for them, so they decided to stick it to the debt collectors.

Let’s dive in…

Won’t stop calling me to collect someone else’s debt? How would you like their new phone # and address? Oopsie, hung up on ya.

A tale as old as time. You get a new phone, and it blows up with calls from debt collectors.

Most people can just send unknown callers to voicemail. I, unfortunately, worked tech support for a large company at the time, so I had to answer every call.

I’ll spare you the details of how annoying those folks are. “Very” should suffice.

And I got tired of it pretty darn quick. I put up with it as long as I could, but then something broke.

I needed to mess with these a-holes, inasmuch as it was possible and legal to do so.

Mostly, I just wasted as much of their time as I could. But for the really annoying ones, I had a routine that I developed over the course of about a year.

This is my petty revenge, in the form of a dialogue:

  • Dunner: Is this Joe Debtor?
  • Me: Is this about the unpaid phone bill from 2010?
  • Dunner: Yes. Mr. Debtor, are you going to pay-
  • Me: Hang on a sec. I never said I was your dude. I work with him, though. He sold me this phone a couple of weeks ago and told me I might be getting a few of these calls. Listen, could you please just call him directly? I can give you his new address and phone number, and the phone for our HR department if you want that too.
  • Dunner: That would be wonderful. Thank you!
  • Me: Are you ready to write this down? It’s [click!]

Invariably, they’d call back thinking I had just accidentally disconnected.

I’d say something like “Sorry. Cell coverage sucks around here. I apologize. Do you still want me to [click].”

You’d be surprised how many times they’d try again. I answered- and pretended to accidentally hang up- every single time.

They all eventually figured it out. Not before getting REALLY ANGRY though.

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Next time I get an unwanted call, I know what to do!

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