Oct 30, 2012

25 Vintage Mustaches


With over 17,000 historic photos on Flickr, the Library of Congress is a treasure trove for vintage awesomeness. Not only do the fine people at the LOC share an amazing archive for the world to enjoy, but they also categorize and tag many of the images, helping others sort through their extensive collections.

One tag that caught my eye was ‘great mustaches of the LOC‘. With approximately 350 photos tagged as such, I knew I would not be disappointed.

I went through all 350 this morning and below are the Sifter’s 25 personal favourites. Enjoy my friends!



1. General Von Hindenburg c1910-1915



2. Cammdr. Michael Elder vom Appel c1910-1915



3. W.C. Redfield c1910-1915



4. General Grippenberg c1910-1915



5. Kaiser Wilhelm II 1910-1915



6. General Fushimi c1910-1915



7. Gen. Jose Santos Zelaya, former President of Nicaragua 1913



8. Lopez Munos c1910-1915



9. S. Hirai c1910-1915



10. General De Mas-Latrie



11. Prince Sulkowski c1910-1915



12. Dr. Francisco Bertrand, President of Honduras 1913



13. Archduke Leopold Salvator c1910-1915



14. Jose L. Requena c1910-1915



15. Benton McMillin c1910-1915



16. Paul Doumer c1910-1915



17. N. Cochon c1910



18. O.M. Marling 1914



19. Goremykin 1914



20. Dr. John T. Gerin c1910-1915



21. King of Rumania c1910-1915



22. General Desfontaines



23. Archduke Franz Salvatore c1910-1915



24. J.J. Lannin 1913



25. Major General Ambrose E. Burnside c1860-1865









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