Jan 29, 2014

15 Animated GIFs That Show How Things are Made


Humans are an industrious lot. When we need to make a ‘lot’ of something, we figure out a way to do it cheaply and efficiently. Below is a compilation of animated gifs that show how everyday products are made (some more delicious than others). We even venture outside of the factory to appreciate the effort that goes into making a commercial or stop motion animation.

Now excuse me while I go buy a box of ice cream sandwiches.


1. Making Ice Cream Sandwiches

how ice cream sandwiches are made


2. Making Chains



3. Moving a Highway Barrier for Rush Hour Traffic

how to move a highway barrier


4. Filming an Epic Old Spice Commercial in One Take

how old spice commercial was made gif


5. Making Macaroni Noodles



6. Industrial Pencil Sharpening

how penciles are made


7. Making Springs

how springs are made


8. Field Marshmallows aka Bundling Hay

wrapping hay


9. Making Delicious Hot Dogs

how hot dog filling is made

how hot dog are made


10. Camouflaging a Helmet

how a soldiers helmet is painted gif


11. Tying a Pretzel



12. Making a Chain Link Fence

how a linked fence is made gif


13. mmmm Pop Tarts



14. Twisting Wrought Iron



15. Making Stop Motion Animations
(Behind the scenes of Coraline)

coraline stop motion behind the scenes gif




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