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Army Cook Was Forced Into The Job, Mistreated And Overworked By Military Leadership, So He Used Meals To Get Things Changed For The Better

by Ashley Ashbee

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You know the expression you don’t bite the hand that feeds?

It especially holds true when all of your food is controlled by a person and you have no alternatives to eat.

Read on to see exactly how OP handled the mistreatment he suffered while serving in the army on cooking duty.

MC through army commands and ensuing chaos and hunger

After I joined the army for my mandatory 9 month service, I was forcibly given the “specialty” of the cook.

After some surprisingly harsh training, they sent me to an outpost where I had to do 2 daily services (one as a cook and one as an area observer, while everyone else did 1 to 0 services) for about 50 days non-stop.

I can only imagine how badly his feet must have ached.

That meant I was on my feet from 6am to 2:30am every single day, while getting 3,5 hours of sleep every night.

Nobody helped me in any way, I did not have nearly enough time to prepare the food properly (they claimed it was not protocol to help the cook) and nobody cared, so naturally I got extremely tired and ****** off.

Advocacy often doesn’t work on the first try, but you can get some intelligence to use as ammo, so to speak.

One day I dared to protest my situation and also report some problems with the kitchen, lack of supplies and the oven itself, and was told to shut up, stop complaining and do my job.

So I decided to comply with the “shut up and don’t complain” policy.

What they didn’t know was that I had found a trick to turn the oven on, it looked fine but the food wouldn’t cook at all.

This would be a satisfying sight!

The look on everyone’s face when they tried to eat the first bite was absolutely priceless.

They immediately snapped and started freaking out, yelling and screaming in anger like this was a common thing, even though I had never failed a dish before and those arrogant selfish pricks ate like kings every day.

I maliciously smiled and told them that I lacked half of my supplies and the recipe was wildly incomplete, while the oven was “malfunctioning”.

Some people would feel helpless when the top brass shut you down, but not OP! I think he took it way too far, though. It’s tantamount to abuse.

Word reached the captain who also freaked out but I told him that it was he who commanded me to shut up about the food problems.

He said my failure should be reported and I agreed. I immediately called my unit and reported that I was being mistreated, overworked, sleepless and ignored for 43 consecutive days, so this resulted to my failure.

The next day I heard the captain was reprimanded severely by our colonel commander for the shitty situation in his outpost.

I think I’d start to feel bad after a while.

Of course the next 3 days I did the exact same thing, and I starved the ******** to insanity.

Afterwards they were BEGGING me to help me out with the food preparations.

Good! This was so toxic for both parties.

They called the unit and cried that I am holding them hostage with the food and I should be removed.

The day I was removed 1 week later was the best day of my life.

Let’s see what people in the commenters had to say.

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For some reason, I’m still hungry after reading this.

I’m glad I’ll cook it myself.

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