Apr 24, 2009

The Friday Shirk Report – April 24, 2009 | Volume 2

definition of shirk The Friday Shirk Report   April 24, 2009 | Volume 2

Welcome to the Friday Shirk Report where you will find 20 images, 10 articles and 5 videos from the previous week of sifting.

20 IMAGES + 5 Bonus Images
Beyond Creepy
Where’s the peanut butter fish?
Detroit Block City
Passive aggressive note
History of the Universe, 2 theories
This is known as an epitaph
The end is nigh. Mutant trilobites spotted
Forget the mutant trilobites. Now we’re really screwed!
Fight back!
Ultimate Creeper
Don’t fall
Assvertising FTL (for the loss)
As sour as it gets
Hollywood Trickery
I wonder what he said?
Burger time
Bad prom outfits
Yoga Flame
Who me?
Gameboy timeline
Get off my deck!
The Daddymack will make ya…
Laughter scale

Epic lawyer typo within
Is there anything the Washington Nationals don’t suck at? FAIL
Outrageous Road Rage
Hating on hipsters = shooting fish in a barrel. This site is still funny though, reminds me of Vice’s do’s and dont’s
Tina Fey’s Upper West Side crib
Video Game rant
The $32,000 Nokia 1100
The 1,600 stacked chairs art installation
Orthodox Photoshop
Accidentally inappropriate logo design, can’t see it? Make a 180

F5 – F5- F5 | World’s fastest reloader
Classic drunk test
Devastated cat is devastated.
The Elusive Chewbacca Guitar Chord

Teh Winnar!

Enjoy your weekend!

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