Apr 12, 2010

The Stirling Moss SLR

stirling moss mercedes slr spotted on street The Stirling Moss SLR
Photograph by Qdammchillaz



Unveiled at last year’s Detroit Auto Show, the Stirling Moss SLR reads like any Super Car of today: 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds, top speed of 217 mph (350 km/h), a million dollar price tag and extremely limited (only 75 will be produced). So what separates this Super Car from the rest of the class? For starters, it’s the final SLR to be produced.

SLR stands for “Sport, Leicht, Rennsport” (sport, light, racing), and the cars produced were the result of a partnership between Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive. Their goal was to build 3,500 SLRs over a span of seven years, with an annual production of 500 cars. The Stirling Moss is the final in the series.

The most significant distinction though, is the lack of windshield and roof. This is open-concept to the extreme. Can you imagine the rush of driving this car at top speeds? That’s why the driver in the image above is wearing a helmet. Smashing into a bug at 200+ mph could cause some serious damage!



mercedes benz slr 2009 The Stirling Moss SLR



stirling moss mercedes benz slr




Aside from a name that exudes coolness, Stirling Moss is a bona-fide racing legend. Versatile as he was fast, he competed in both Le Mans and Formula 1 with much success. Later, he became known as “the greatest driver never to win the World Championship.”

Moss’ most prolific victory among the many he scored behind the wheel of a Mercedes, came in the aforementioned endurance race: the 1955 Mille Miglia. There he piloted a Mercedes Benz 300SLR bearing the number 722, and covered 1000 miles in 10 hours/seven minutes/48 seconds. Like its predecessor, the 300SLR had no roof, windshield, or windows. (via MotorTrend)



1955 mercedes 300 slr The Stirling Moss SLR
The Originator: 1955 Mercedes 300SLR



stirling moss slr
The Legend: Stirling Moss



stirling moss signature




Drive train – Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Engine – Supercharged AMG-Sourced V8
Power bhp (kW) at RPM – 478 kW/650 bhp
Top Speed – 217 mph
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) – Less than 3.5 seconds
Materials – Carbon Fiber Exterior/Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Leather Interior






mercedes benz slr wheels The Stirling Moss SLR



mercedes benz slr exhaust The Stirling Moss SLR



Even if you can afford the million dollar (750,000 euros) price tag, the car is only being offered to the most ‘loyal’ SLR customers. So don’t plan on owning or even seeing one any time soon.



slr dashboard






stirling moss slr mercedes benz interior



stirling moss sketch The Stirling Moss SLR



stirling moss slr mercedes benz sketch The Stirling Moss SLR



mercedes 2009 slr sketch The Stirling Moss SLR







mercedes benz slr no windshield The Stirling Moss SLR



mercedes benz slr stirling moss The Stirling Moss SLR



sitrling moss benz slr The Stirling Moss SLR



final last mercedes benz slr ever built The Stirling Moss SLR