July 27, 2023 at 9:37 am

‘She thought they were nothing special.’ This Woman Used Her Grandmother’s Beautiful Fashion Sketches From The 1940s To Create Gorgeous Gowns

by Trisha Leigh

GrandmothersDressDesigns She thought they were nothing special. This Woman Used Her Grandmothers Beautiful Fashion Sketches From The 1940s To Create Gorgeous Gowns

Everything old is new again, and there’s something about seeing the past through the eyes of someone we love that feels a little bit magical.

For Julia, inspiration hit when she discovered the dress designs her grandmother, Georgie, sketched in the 1940s. She dreamed of becoming a fashion designer herself but never had, so Julia decided to make them come true herself.


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Julia shared on TikTok that she had never seen her grandmother’s work until January of 2021, since Georgie had dropped out of school to support her family and had deemed the sketches not “anything special.”

Julia knew that they were immediately, however.

“I knew grandma was talented, but I was like, wow, these are really much better than what I was envisioning in my head.”

The video of the drawings went viral, confirming what Julia already knew, and everyone agreed the sketches should be brought to life.


This is the 4th grandma design I’ve created. It was by far my hardest project I’ve ever done. I’ll be posting more videos about this dress throughout the week, but this is grandmas reaction to seeing her work come to life. #grandmareacts #suprise #fashiondesign

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She had very little sewing experience but dug into YouTube tutorials and her grandmother’s old fabric collections, eventually bringing the gowns to life.

The dresses are revealed one-by-one in different videos, and each time, Georgie is absolutely delighted and grateful.

Some perfectly match the drawings but others, she gives a modern twist – which her grandmother loved.

“That is absolutely stunning. And I thank you because that’s just lovely and it feels so nice to se something that I drew so many, many years ago.”


Which one should I make next? Yesterday grandma said “I lived long enough to see one of them come off the paper” I don’t think it should stop with this dress #grandmasoftiktok #vintagefashion #sewingforyoupage

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More than the dresses, though, commenters love the connection Julia has with her grandmother as they worked together through generations to bring the older woman’s visions to life.

“The treasure is the relationship and memories you make with her. The fashion is just the bonus. Kudos to you.”

Make sure you check out all of the dresses on TikTok.

It’s a great and beautiful way to pass the time.