Jun 28, 2010

Did You Know? Guile Theme Goes with Everything

guile theme goes with everything Did You Know? Guile Theme Goes with Everything

Who is Guile? Seriously?!? He’s just your everyday, no-nonsense, all-American tough guy with the baddest haircut on the planet, that’s who! Guile made his first appearance in Capcom’s Street Fighter II (1991), one of the most influential video games of all time. A Major in the United States Air Force, he leaves his country and family to enter the World Warrior tournament to avenge the death of his friend Charlie, who was killed by M. Bison, the tournament’s sponsor and final boss of the game.

More importantly, Guile has some of the best theme music in the history of everything. Everyone knows when you land on Guile’s stage things are about to get epic. It’s just one of those melodies that overwhelms the senses and makes everything else secondary (family, money, love, etc.). It has recently been discovered by the fine people of the Internet that Guile’s theme transcends video games and indeed goes with any scene and any situation, basically everything. See below for validation. If you still disagree we probably aren’t friends. And I will fight you, with Guile’s theme in the background…




Unfortunately the best video exhibit has embedding disabled so you’ll need to visit YouTube to watch it. It’s dubbed over a classic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air scene, need I say more!

Check it out here –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Nl6f6gWJ6k


And of course I had to make my own video demonstrating the universal applicability of the Guile Theme. The video above is from this past weekend’s G20 riots in my beloved city of Toronto. I support valid protesters but those wanting to simply vandalize need to receive a sonic boom from Guile himself. Original footage from PintoPonyProductions

guile sonic boom Did You Know? Guile Theme Goes with Everything
Guile be Sonic Boomin’ on y’all vandals

guile flash kick Did You Know? Guile Theme Goes with Everything
Flash Kickin’ y’all Anarchists FTW

guile after win go home and be a family man Did You Know? Guile Theme Goes with Everything
Deliverin’ stern fatherly advice

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mike tyson on humility Did You Know? Guile Theme Goes with Everything