Jul 9, 2010

The Friday Shirk Report – July 9, 2010 | Volume 65


Welcome to the Friday Shirk Report where you will find 20 images, 10 articles and 5 videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

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Ever wonder what Michael Scott’s diploma was for in The Office?
In 10 years you’ll look back and thank me son
Bear logic is second only to Vulcan logic
Professional Photobomber. Do not try this at home
‘Wash Me’ was so 2001. It’s all about…
I didn’t even know slices of chocolate cake that big existed
MetaFlamingo is like a pink voltron
Do you have CDO?
Massive Dance Move Fail
Columbian Bears are Scary Dude
How to pounce
Goggles? This guy is Stevie Wonder drunk
Nature is not all puppies and rainbows
The wackest shirt ever
When a writer gets pissed at their editor this happens (thx Case!)
This is a Smank. And it runs on Smiesel!
The reason NSX’s were so expensive if because they were submersible
A modern-day Prometheus
The douchiest douche that ever douched the douche
Food Consumption by Families in Different Countries

The Roads Less Traveled. Beautiful collection of some of the world’s nicest roads
The Big Picture: Glastonbury Festival 2010
Deadspin: Lebron James is a C*cksucker (Courtesy of Choptiany)
Back in the summer of 1962, the U.S. blew up a hydrogen bomb in outer space that created a man-made light show that has never been equaled
A conversation with God
Great collection of accidental photography
Famous People Don’t Care: A short story about Quentin Tarantino
Solar plane completes historic 24-hour flight
Street Legal Tron LightCycle for $35,000
10 Magnificent Monasteries Around the World



what bear thinks when humans play dead The Friday Shirk Report   July 9, 2010 | Volume 65