May 30, 2011

Picture of the Day: Solvay. The Highest Hut on the Matterhorn

picture of the day Picture of the Day: Solvay. The Highest Hut on the Matterhorn




solvay hut matterhorn cabin at top of mountain switzerland Picture of the Day: Solvay. The Highest Hut on the Matterhorn
Photograph via Streeter5000


The Solvay Hut at 4003 m (13,133 ft) is the highest hut on the Matterhorn. It is a small emergency refuge for about 10 persons, situated on a ledge immediately above the Moseley Slab on the Hörnligrat. It is strictly to be used in the event of an emergency. About two thirds up the mountain, 743 m (2437 ft) above the Hörnli Hut and 475 m (1588 ft) below the summit, many Matterhorn climbers have rested on the small ledge outside the hut admiring the spectacular view of all the Monte Rosa summits.

The hut was built in August 1915. All the building material was brought up to the Hörnli Hut at 3260 m (10,695 ft) by help of animals. From there a small temporary cable car was used to transport the material up to the building site at 4000 meters. The hut was erected within only five days. In 1966 the hut was rebuilt and in 1976 an emergency telephone was installed.

Originating from Belgium, Ernest Solvay (1838-1922) invented the industrial process for sodium carbonate production, from which a world-wide undertaking resulted. He devoted most of his time to his business and it was not until after retirement his alpine career began. He often visited the Walliser and the Bündner Alpen, the Dolomites and the Mont Blanc region. His companions were the guides Alois Supersaxo from Saas Fee and Martin Schocher from Pontresina. As a gratitude for the unforgettable hours in the mountains, and from the realization that occasionally sudden thunder storms were leading to tragedies, he donated the well-known hut on the Hörnli Ridge on the Matterhorn. [Source:]


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