Aug 26, 2011

The Friday Shirk Report – Volume 124



Welcome to the Friday Shirk Report where you will find the 20 funniest images, 10 most interesting articles, and 5 most viral videos from the previous week of sifting. Enjoy!

*For those that prefer the links open in a new tab/window, try holding the CTRL key whilst clicking a link with your mouse

Stay sifty my friends đŸ™‚


Straight up bellyflop
Try and keep up
You pass out, you get the melons
Street Fighter Fister
Feelin’ the rhythm
She’s gonna be pissed!
Bill enclosed
How to prevent accidental unplugging
My favourite salon
Dude, you should see his webs, they’re intense
Jonah you diabolical
Permanent fail
First kill
Apparently skeletons don’t get bigger as you get fatter
Would not recommend
Homemade stink bomb
Did that cat just fly?
Her name is Jane Barbe. You know her voice
Muslim punk rocker


Smart-ass responses to well meaning signs
Awesome gallery of photos and vids from the recent lightning storm in Toronto (thx for sharing Carly!)
In the ruins of Gadhafi’s lair, rebels find album filled with photos of his ‘darling’ Condoleezza Rice
15 Awesome words with no English equivalent
Steve Jobs and the Icon Ambulance
DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels
Beware the Cookie Monster
Check out these NATO Leaflets that have been dropping in Tripoli
Leadership Lessons From Burning Man
The 10 Best Ads to Come out of Steve Jobs’ Reign at Apple









beer about to spill on girls head The Friday Shirk Report   Volume 124