Dec 22, 2011

Picture of the Day: Yo Homes to Bel-Air!




fresh prince reunion picture Picture of the Day: Yo Homes to Bel Air!

Photograph via Will Smith on Facebook


Spotted: Will Smith (who’s first name is actually Willard, who knew!), Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks), Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks), James Avery (Big Phil!) and Karyn Parsons (Hillary Banks). Apparently the guy on the right is Blake Ross, co-creator of Firefox (and now at Facebook) and the other guy is some other random Facebook employee. The story is that they won a charity auction to have dinner with the cast (unconfirmed). Not sure who the guy behind Tatyana is either.

Notable absentees: Vivian Banks x 2 (apparently the first Vivian and Will hate each other), Geoffrey, Beulah “Lisa” Wilkes and of course DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Lastly, check out the most dramatic scene from the entire show. When Will’s Dad walks out on him…