June 11, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Picture of the Day: Old Piano Turned Into Outdoor Fountain

by twistedsifter




old piano turned into outdoor water fountain Picture of the Day: Old Piano Turned Into Outdoor Fountain

Built and Designed by Bill Metzgar


Rather then let this old grand piano go to waste, a creative soul has repurposed this beautiful instrument into an outdoor water fountain. A reverse image search on Google and Tineye did not reveal an original source so details are sparse on this piece. We can only assume preventative measures have been taking to preserve the wood to avoid rot and algae growth.

Now some piano lovers may be slightly miffed by the ‘desecration’ of an instrument. We can only hope that this piano was beyond restoration and wasn’t able to be played again. If you know more about this piece, please let us know in the comments below!


UPDATE! The creator of this fabulous artwork was kind enough to drop by and provide some details. All credit to Mr. Bill Metzgar. I’ve reposted his comment below:

This piano is an 1885 steinway, It had really bad termite damage to the inner structure so yes it was beyond repair, so I turned it into a fountain for my mom for mothers day. It has a 2000 gallon per hour pump in the pond and a flex hose from the pump up into the piano where where I used a construction of pvc to distribute the water across the keys which I sealed with fiberglass resin. Let me know if you want more info about it I’ll be glad to share. Feel free to send me some questions at b.metzgar@live.com.

What a beautiful gift Bill, you have a fantastic eye for creativity!