June 1, 2013 at 8:30 am

Picture of the Day: Flyby Eclipse

by twistedsifter




airplaine crosses partial solar eclipse Picture of the Day: Flyby Eclipse

Photograph by PHILLIP CALAIS


In this perfectly timed capture by Phillip Calais, we see an airplane flying by a partial solar eclipse. Selected as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day for May 13, Calais remarked:

“It was just eight minutes after sunrise, last week, and already there were four things in front of the Sun. The largest and most notable was Earth’s Moon, obscuring a big chunk of the Sun’s lower limb as it moved across the solar disk, as viewed from Fremantle, Australia. This was expected as the image was taken during a partial solar eclipse — an eclipse that left sunlight streaming around all sides of the Moon from some locations.
Next, a band of clouds divided the Sun horizontally while showing interesting internal structure vertically. The third intervening body might be considered to be the Earth’s atmosphere, as it dimmed the Sun from its higher altitude brightness while density fluctuations caused the Sun’s edges to appear to shimmer”



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