Nov 5, 2013

Picture of the Day: Amsterdam from Above




aerial amsterdam from above Picture of the Day: Amsterdam from Above

Photographer Unknown via Triplen01 on Reddit


Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands with a population of 805,166 within the city-proper, 1,563,141 in the urban region and 2,349,870 in the greater metropolitan area. It is located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country. Originating as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age, a result of its innovative developments in trade. [Source]

Amsterdam fans out south from the Amsterdam Centraal railway station. The oldest area of the town is known as de Wallen (the quays). Seen in the image above is the 17th century canal ring area of Amsterdam. The city has more than one hundred kilometres of canals, about 90 islands and 1,500 bridges. [Source]

Unfortunately comments on reddit, a Google image search, and reverse image search on TinEye did not uncover a source for this photography. If you know who took this, please let us know in the comments!



picture of the day button Picture of the Day: Amsterdam from Above