Jun 10, 2014

Picture of the Day: Weddings and Wildfire




weddings and wildfire Picture of the Day: Weddings and Wildfire

Photograph by JOSH NEWTON
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Michael and April Wolber had picked the perfect place for their outdoor wedding, Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon. The couple had been planning for ages for their special day with friends and family. But before April could walk down the aisle a number of firetrucks pulled up with sirens blazing.

Not far away, the Two Bulls wildfire was growing and approaching. The firefighters alerted the wedding party that the ceremony had to be cancelled and all guests had to be moved to safety.

After some deliberation the firefighters changed their mind and let the ceremony continue provided they do it quickly and retreat back to their reception location Bend’s Drake Park. [source]

Deciding to make the best of an unexpected, unfortunate and dangerous situation, the couple took a series of portraits that they will never forget.

Wedding photographer Josh Newton captured the couple with the raging wildfire in the background. You can see the entire wedding series here.



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