December 18, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Picture of the Day: Delivering a Computer in 1957

by twistedsifter

delivering an elliott 405 computer in 1957 black and white norwich

Photograph via Norfolk Record Office


Seen here is the Norwich City Council’s first computer, being delivered to the City Treasurer’s Department in Bethel Street, Norwich in 1957. The City of Norwich, and its forward-thinking Treasurer, Mr A.J. Barnard, were pioneers in the application of computer technology to the work of UK local authorities and businesses. In 1953-4, Mr Barnard and his team began looking for an electronic system to handle its rates and payroll. They began discussions with Elliott Brothers of London in 1955, and the City Council ordered the first Elliott 405 computer from them in January 1956. It was delivered to City Hall in February 1957 and became operational in April 1957. The event was celebrated by a demonstration of the machine in front of the Lord Mayor of Norwich and the press on 3 April 1957. [Source: Norfolk Record Office]

To read more about the Elliott 405 and it’s capabilities check out this collection of scanned articles from various 50s magazines.



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