December 28, 2018 at 12:37 pm

The 50 Bestest Gifs of 2018 (aka The Shirk Report Volume 506)

by twistedsifter



Fellow Shirkers! It’s the last Friday of 2018 which means you’re either stuck at work or on glorious holiday. Either way, you’re here and we can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support. You’re the only reason this site is still going nearly 10 years strong.

The TwistedSifter team (me) is currently with family so this Shirk Report will be a modified ‘end of year’ edition. Below you will find our 50 favorite gifs from every shirk report in 2018. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled shirk report next Friday 🙂


THE 50 BEST GIFS 0F 2018!

Me vs all responsibilities this week
When you think it’s New Year’s Eve but realize it’s not for another 3 days
People did some amazing things this year
Others, not so much
Some were on auto-pilot
Some were just happy to be here
Birthdays came
Birthdays went
We danced
We laughed
We cried
We tried
We improvised
We laughed again
My fav gif of 2018 might be this guy trying to take a pic and taking a selfie instead
Holy crap the Olympics were this year!?
A crab threatened to kill me
Minds were blown
Winds were blown
Shoes were lost
Buzzers were beat
Your mind played tricks on you
And not all heroes wore capes
That was fast | but this was faster
Mr. Steal Yo Girl
Mr. Did I Stutter Motha%$@#*&
Just once, I’d like to enter a party like this
And put on my glasses and raise my eyebrows like this
When your opponent calls your bluff
And launches the ultimate sneak attack
Okay let’s do a quick warmup and marvel at humans doing awesome things
Like this
Like that
And let’s never forget little wins like this
Kiki challenge can stay in 2018
Guy in the middle did pretty good! (okay now look at the guy on the left)
Talking about politics in 2018
Fifth time’s the charm!
#1 sports play of the year
Most gratifying instant karma of 2018
How I will scale all fences in 2019
“Not now chief I’m in the zone”
One final *boop*
One more jump
2019 is your year
Here’s to 52 more
K bye 2018
Until next year


SEE Y’ALL IN 2019!


bear waving The 50 Bestest Gifs of 2018 (aka The Shirk Report Volume 506)