Jun 12, 2022

TV Host Tested Hotel Bed Sheets to See How Dirty They Were

We’ve all heard a lot of horror stories over the years about the things people find in hotel rooms and hotel BEDS, but now we have some concrete proof about just how dirty some bed sheets are in hotels.

Folks at the TV show Inside Edition decided to conduct an experiment to find some answers.

They had someone check into a hotel and use a stencil to mark the sheets in the bed using washable blacklight reactive spray paint.

They also messed up the sheets so housekeeping would know that the sheets needed to be changed. The next day they had someone new check into the same room and the front desk person told them the room had been freshly made up.

When they checked, they discovered that the sheets HAD NOT been changed in the room.

The folks at Inside Edition did the same thing at another hotel chain and got the exact same results. The team conducted another experiment at yet another hotel where they spray painted the pillowcases, top sheet, and fitted sheet, and they learned that only the pillowcases had been changed.

Kind of makes you think, huh…?

Watch the whole video below to get all the details about what the people at Inside Edition found out.


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