July 12, 2022 at 12:53 pm

Woman Catches Neighbor Throwing Used Cat Litter Into Her Yard

by Matthew Gilligan

You never know what kind of neighbors you’re going to have to deal with.

And a woman named Serra decided to put her neighbor on blast after she found out why there is always USED kitty litter in her yard.

In the first video she posted, you can see the neighbor throwing the litter off of his balcony.

@serraelle Living next to people is fun. 😩 #badneighbors #badneighbor ♬ Somebody’s Watching Me – Single Version – Rockwell

And in the second video, Serra’s husband confronts the neighbor, who eventually apologizes and says that he won’t do it anymore.

@serraelle Reply to @domicee PART 2 Sorry the first part of the video isn’t in focus. Didn’t realize at first due to confrontation. #badneighbors #badneighbor ♬ original sound – Serra Elle

Take a look at how folks responded to this video on TikTok.

One person suggested they should

“Get a slingshot and sling it back at him.”

Another viewer said,

“How hard is it to scoop it into a bag? It’s the same amount of EFFORT.”

In the comments, Serra said that things did not get better after this incident.

She said,

“I have moved as this situation did not get better.”

She also added that she ended up suing the neighbor.

Serra stated, “I’m letting the city, university, and eventually court handle things since landlords be slumlords.”

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