Aug 22, 2022

11 Tweets That Definitely Bring The Funny

If you’re looking for laughter, you’re in the right place, folks.

Because these tweets are totally hilarious!

And I think it’s safe that most, if not all, of us could use a few laughs right about now.

Take a look for yourself and prepare to LOL!

1. Okay…

Don’t use that one!

2. This is all of us.

Here it comes!

3. This is 100% true.

This is now your life.

4. They need to figure this out.

It’s a national emergency!

5. That wasn’t a compliment.

Now you know…

6. Why are you writing that down?

What did I do wrong?!?!

7. Times have changed…

I don’t ever want to hear that thing again!

8. This is great.

Technically, it’s true…

9. Let me explain…

This is getting ridiculous.

10. Looks delicious!

Who’s hungry?!?!

11. Be completely silent…

Don’t even breathe…

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