September 13, 2022 at 7:06 pm

11 Funny Details in Movies That Might Have Escaped Your Attention

by Matthew Gilligan

One of my favorite things to research is funny movie details that directors and actors slip into films.

And there are more than you’d think if you take the time to look them up!

Here are 11 Easter eggs that you probably didn’t notice in films.

1. Product placement.

He’s pretty clever…

In Free Guy (2021), you can see a bottle of gin labelled "Subtle Product Placement". This is actually a bottle of Aviation Gin…a brand which is partially owned by Ryan Reynolds. from MovieDetails

2. This is great.

The guy knows how to bowl.

In The Big Lebowski (1998), Jesus Quintana is wearing rings from the American Bowling Congress that certify his ability to roll a perfect 300 game, a 299 game and an incredibly difficult 800 series. Those rings tell you that creep can roll. from MovieDetails

3. It’s all connected.

That’s really cool!

In Step Brothers (2008), Brennan Huff has a Hugalo’s Pizza sign which is the restaurant Will Ferrell’s character Ricky Bobby works at in Talladega Nights from MovieDetails

4. I see what you did there…

Nice one…

In ‘Don’t Look Up’ (2021), astronomers appear on a ‘Morning Joe’-style cable news talk show. Though not explicitly noted as liberal, their logo reflects their slant. A clever detail! from MovieDetails

5. Who knew?!?!

Runs in the family.

In Mr Bean’s Holiday (2007), the girl with the stereo is played by Lily Atkinson, the daughter of Rowan Atkinson. In the movie, she is also named Lily. from MovieDetails

6. Sailing to the new world.

This is cool.

In The Truman Show (1998) the boat that Truman sails on to escape is named Santa Maria, the same name of one of Christopher Columbus’ ships, signifying that Truman is heading to a “New World” from MovieDetails

7. You have to be immature to appreciate it.

You better believe it!

Rewatching Scary Movie (2000) 🤣 never noticed this before 🤣 from MovieDetails

8. Look closely.

Do you see it?

In Hocus Pocus (1993), Max Dennison’s tie dye shirt features the colors of the Sanderson Sister’s outfits from MovieDetails

9. From the streets.

You get me.

In Licorice Pizza (2021), Bradley Cooper portrays real life eccentric movie producer Jon Peters, who tells the main character "they’re both from the streets." This is a reference to a story Kevin Smith told of his encounter with Jon during the early stages of the canceled "Superman Lives" movie from MovieDetails

10. Ever notice that?

I bet you didn’t!

In Home Alone (1990) when they counted the people for the trip they say there’s 17 people in total. An odd number between two vans means they will be split 8/9. Since Kevin was missing both vans had 8 people instead, making each group assume they were on the 8-people van, not suspecting a thing from MovieDetails

11. A run on shovels.

That’s called price-gouging.

In Don’t Look Up (2021) Shovels are $599.99 as people have panic-bought them to assumingly build bunkers. from MovieDetails

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