September 20, 2022 at 6:09 am

This Is How You Can Get Cell Phone Insurance for Free

by Matthew Gilligan

Accidents happen with the cell phones we’re always carrying around and fumbling with almost every second of the day.

You drop and damage them, spill a drink on them at a crowded table, and, in the worst-case scenario, they get stolen.

So that’s why you need to get cell phone insurance! And even if you already have insurance for your phone, you might not know that you can probably get that insurance for free instead of paying a fee every month.

A lot of credit card companies offer cell phone insurance for free if you pay your phone bill with that card. And some of them will cover certain repairs and cover you if your phone is stolen. One thing to keep in mind: paying for and replacing broken screens is usually excluded from these plans.

The details will vary depending on your credit card, but they’ll usually cover you if you use your card to pay your bill in full every month and it will be limited to two claims (a maximum of $600-$800 per claim) and a maximum of $1,200-$1,600 in total claims per year.

Also, most of these credit card plans have a $25 or $50 deductible and you’ll need to file a claim within 60 days of the incident. If your phone is stolen, you’ll need to file a police report within 48 hours of the incident.

Here are some of the credit cards that offer cell phone protection plans that are suggested by Lifehacker.

Wells Fargo Active Cash: $25 deductible. Up to $600 per claim/$1,200 a year.

Chase Ink Business Preferred: $100 deductible. Up to $600 per claim/$1,800 a year. Annual fee: $95.

Capital One Venture X: $50 deductible. Up to $800 per claim/$1,600 a year. Annual fee: $395.

Platinum Card from American Express: $50 deductible. Up to $800 per claim/$1,600 a year (this card’s cell phone protection covers screen damage, which not all plans do). Annual fee: $695.

There are a lot more plans, so look into your credit card’s policy about this and see if you think this is a good idea for your plan!

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