November 4, 2022 at 2:49 pm

10 Hilariously Honest Marriage Tweets

by Matthew Gilligan

Ahhhh, marital bliss…

Things are always wonderful, the flowers always smell great, and there are no problems…

Yeah, right!

Let’s get real with some marriage tweets that are funny and brutally honest.


1. You did what?!?!

I thought that was normal…

2. Now THAT is scary.

What have you done?!?!

3. Wasn’t talking to you.

Go back to what you were doing…

4. This is how it goes.

Isn’t marriage exciting?

5. Now listen to this…

No, mine was worse!

6. I’m sorry I did that…

Don’t let it happen again!

7. Get over it!

He’s always complaining about this, isn’t he?

8. Yes, you’re weird.

On to the next subject…

9. This won’t end well.

He doesn’t know not to do this by now?

10. Getting a workout.

Kind of the same thing, right?

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