Nov 23, 2022

11 Great Tweets Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Are y’all ready to get your laugh on in a major way?

I sure hope so, because we have some hilarious tweets for you to lay your eyes on today!

And we’re 100% certain that they’re gonna make you LOL.

So go ahead and have some fun!

1. Sounds very stimulating.

How do I get in on this?

2. I think I’m about to have a “menty b”?

Did I say it the right way…?

3. I’m doing this next year.

Great idea!

4. Can’t keep your mouth shut.

So what happened was…

5. Now you know…

Makes sense, right?

6. What are they doing here?!?!

Don’t open the door!

7. Me, too!

We have a lot in common!

8. Does this describe you?

I bet it does…

9. Hahahaha. Good one, Mom!

She comes through again!

10. This is your fault!

Hey, go easy…on yourself…

11. You nailed it!

We all need to send this to our parents.

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