November 21, 2022 at 12:46 am

Women, What Do You Think Makes Men Ghostable? Here’s What Ladies Said.

by Matthew Gilligan

Guys, I don’t like breaking this news to you, but you do a lot of things that make women want to ghost the hell out of you.

And maybe these words of wisdom from women on AskReddit will make you stop and think next time you do something creepy, weird, or offensive.

Take a look and maybe you’ll learn something today…

1. Back to me…

“When they only ever talk about themselves.

And they don’t even realize it…”

2. That’s a NO.

“Telling me you like me better with X or you’re glad I don’t do Y like some girls.

Complimenting me by putting others down is a no for me.”

3. Nope.

“Any hint of v**lent tendencies or general anger management issues. Immediate block, not dealing with that.

If I feel threatened, your feelings about being ghosted do not supersede mine of feeling safe.”

4. We’re done here.

“I spoke to this guy on a video call and he spoke about himself for 2 hours.

I literally spoke for about 10-15 minutes.

It was exhausting.”

5. Uh oh.

“His taste in music was impeccable, he was attractive and funny in person the night we met, so I gave up the digits and we started texting.

Five or six days into our texting a bit, he asked what I was doing the next day—a Friday. I told him I had other plans. This grown man texted to me “with another guy?” Then sent me a meme/photo thing with text that said something about how people prioritize their time with people they really care about.

His name in my phone got changed that to Crazy Midtown (last name is the bar I met him at) and I never replied to him again.”

6. Creeper.

“Spamming you with messages anything past 5 in a row is creepy.

I once had a guy spam me with 300 voice notes when I went on holiday and couldn’t be on my phone 24/7.”

7. Slow it down.

“Immediately get s**ual when we just started conversing and getting to know the other.

It’s a huge turnoff and I won’t want to continue.

Bonus points if he sends an unsolicited p**is picture!”

8. Turn-off.

“When they are aggressive.

Far too many men mistake aggression for assertion and leadership.”

9. Anybody home?

“Sending a message then 2 minutes later sending question marks then a couple more minutes later sending “hello??”.

Bye bye.”

10. Weird.

“I was talking to this one dude that would ask me questions about himself and it was…odd.

“What do you think my favorite movie is?”

“What’s the craziest situation you think I’ve been in?”

“Where do you think I’d want to travel?”

Like…what kind of questions are those? Shouldn’t we be asking questions about each other?”

11. Sob story.

“The “woe is me” parade.

When they feel like you are a therapist and explain their life story of why a woman won’t touch them. Or they pull the “I’m not x y and z, cause apparently that matters now” shut up! I swiped on you for a reason, obviously, you passed the “I find them attractive enough to start a conversation with” stage.

When you go into why women suck and how you don’t fit the attractive scale then I’d like to leave.”

12. Yikes.

“I got picked up for a date by some guy I met online who seemed awesome, but the second he started driving he was a maniac.

Just constant road rage combined with swerving in and out of pretty heavy traffic and I felt so unsafe in the car with him.”

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