December 2, 2022 at 5:45 am

The “Taste the Biscuit” Song Has TikTok Users All Fired Up

by Matthew Gilligan

It’s time to taste the biscuit, people…

If you’ve been paying attention on TikTok lately, you’ve probably heard people going on and on telling folks to “Taste the biscuit, taste the goodness of the biscuit.”

The phrase comes from a little-known 2010 film and creators on TikTok are getting creative with remakes, remixes, and parodies.

Here’s one example of this interesting song in all its glory.

@oscurrrrr She didn’t wanna get cancelled… sorry luv I’ve already contacted your job and your landlord🤷 you’re done #tastethebiscuit ♬ original sound – Reggie D

And, of course, someone had to make a video of their cat “making biscuits” to the song.

This had to happen, right?

@leothecutestlion The grind never stops #biscuit #biscuits #kneading #catsoftiktok #cute #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #orangecat #cutecat #cat #cats #catlover ♬ original sound – Reggie D

And the song gained even more popularity recently when someone decided to use it as the background music for a video with the “Vacation Walk” filter.

@electradupri #tastethebiscuit ♬ original sound – Reggie D

And a content creator named Tyler Oakley went so far as to dress up as the chrome lady in the previous video to show how worn out he/she is from all the “Biscuit” activity.

@tyleroakley consider the biscuit tasted 😮‍💨 #tastethebiscuit #chromebeachlady ♬ original sound – Joe Gunn

And this TikTokker adapted the song to create something totally new and unique.

@slvr.bull3t Replying to @biracialemofagg biscuit music video #tastethebiscuit #fyp ♬ TASTE THE BISCUIT POP VER SINNY – SinnyLIT🧸

In case you are wondering, the song is from a 2010 mockumentary film called Chickens in the Shadows. Vincent Gargiulo, the director of the film, posted a video from the film on TikTok in July 2010 and the song caught on and went viral.

Gargiulo said, “One day in 2009, you write a little song, make a movie, and 13 years later, you inadvertently start a cult. Cult leader doesn’t pay much, FYI. It’s been a wild ride having it explode again.”

@vincentgargiulo #🤔 #😅 #biscuit #tastethebiscuit ♬ Taste the Biscuit (feat. Toasters ‘n’ Moose) – Vincent Gargiulo

Social media can be weird, y’all…

You never know what the next oddball trend will be!

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