December 16, 2022 at 1:47 am

This Close-Up Video Shows How Tattoos Are Really Done

by Matthew Gilligan

Even if you have some tattoos on your body, there’s a pretty good chance that you don’t REALLY know how the process works.

And a woman posted a video on TikTok showing exactly how artists use those little needles to create some amazing work.

Check out her reaction to how this all gets done.

@rubyd00biedoo #duet with @simpletattoo1 #Tattoo ♬ original sound – simpletattoo1

And folks reacted to the video.

One viewer said,

“Maybe I don’t want a tattoo after all.”

Another person added,

“I have 12 tattoos and I can’t explain why this weirded me out.”

This TikTokker now sounded convinced they wouldn’t be getting any ink:

“The real reason I’ll never get a tattoo, not pain, not fears of regret nor commitment issues above all it is knowing that they are needles and I am terrified of needles.”

And this person said what a lot of us were probably thinking and commented,

“Whole time I thought it was one little needle.”

One viewer said,

“Y’all haven’t done a stick and poke in your friend’s bedroom and it shows.”

And another TikTokker commented,

“I love watching the tattoo gun when I’m getting tattooed.”

Are you brave enough to risk it? Or maybe you already have? Either way, it looks painful!

Hats off to the folks who can sit through this process!

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