January 15, 2023 at 8:27 pm

13 People Share the Non-Negotiable Rules in Their Households

by Matthew Gilligan

Are you a rule follower?

Well, even if you’re not, you should at least always follow the rules in someone else’s house, okay?

And keep these rules from AskReddit users in mind.

1. No way.

“No outside clothes on the bed.

I’ve seen people lying on their beds wearing their shoes. It gives me nightmares.”

2. Make yourself at home.

“My house is your house, I’ll show you round, show you where everything lives, first time you come round you’ll get food and drink bought to you.

After that if you’re back round get whatever you want. Treat the place as your own.”

3. Let me explain…

“Speak English. Let me explain.

I live in China. My daughters go to school in Chinese, speak to their friends in Chinese, watch Chinese shows, do Chinese homework, etc.

I don’t want them to forget the English they grew up using naturally. As far as I think, a language will only truly be retained if it’s useful.

So, at home, it’s English only.

If we moved to my home country, it’d be Chinese only, at home.”

4. You better do it!

“Be nice to my dog.

If you’re mean to her, or don’t like her, you will NOT be invited back.

She’s a shy, sweet rescue who deserves the world.”

5. Don’t care.

“You don’t get to hug my kids if they don’t want to hug you.

I don’t care if you’re the grandparent or what.”

6.  You got it.

“Who ever has the higher standard for a chore does the chore.

When I do the dishes, I do the dishes. When my wife does the dishes, she does the dishes, makes coffee, and wipes down the counters.

When my wife sweeps, she gets the major areas. When I sweep, I move all the furniture and toys, then sweep every room, under every bed, then spot mop, then vacuum all the rugs and carpeted areas.”

7. Lid down!

“Put the lid down on toilet!

We have shelves by the toilet and I don’t know how many stuff jumped into the toilet.”

8. Always on.

“Ceiling fans stay on 24/7 365.

No debate.

No questions.”

9. Timid cats.

“I have timid cats, leave them alone. If they come up to you, fine.

Don’t be chasing them around the house trying to pet them or pick them up. You won’t be invited over ever again.”

10. You better replace it.

“If you take a cold one from the fridge you replace it with one from the box out in the porch.

And if there are no beers left u go to the store and get more immediately.

This is our main house rule that I had to follow ever since I was a little kid.”

11. The empty side.

“One side of the kitchen sink stays empty!

We have one of those two-basin stainless sinks and it drives me absolutely bonkers when I have to remove and stack dishes just to get water to make coffee.”

12. I like it!

“If the TV is on, your phone volume should be set to zero or else wear headphones.

Same goes for any other electronic devices.

There are few things more annoying than volume wars in the living room.”

13. Don’t you dare…

“Don’t even think about putting my knives or pans in the dishwasher.

I will happily hand wash them myself.”

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