Jan 4, 2023

15 Pictures That Will Give You Full-Body Chills

People all over love watching horror movies or reading scary stories, but creepy things hit very differently when they happen in real life.

So even if the eerie is totally your cup of tea, you might want to strap yourself in before scrolling through these 15 creepy images.

15. It’s like something out of a horror movie.

I kind of want to vomit.

Bluebottle maggot under an electron microscope from Weird

14. What in the…

Is that supposed to be fun?

This is a real advertisement for the gameboy in the 1990s… from Weird

13. An out of body experience.

This probably happens more often than you’d think.

A Patient With Claustrophobia Panicking During A CT Scan from oddlyterrifying

12. Well, it’s time to move.

And maybe to change your identity altogether.

Portland man found his tires slashed, and this note on his car. from oddlyterrifying

11. Eerie for sure.

It would be hard to cross it without looking over your shoulder.

A picture of a bridge with snow i took from oddlyterrifying

10. Is the…electricity on?

I have a few more questions as well.

This abandoned hospital had a visitor last night from oddlyterrifying

9. All old pictures are weird.

I wonder if they thought they were awesome at the time.

This very old photo of my great great great great great grandfather from oddlyterrifying

8. Why is this so incredibly creepy?

Also, I wonder what OBO she’s gotten…

Anyone know anything about this weird flyer? from Weird

7. What…is in there?

I want to know but also I don’t want to know.

On an old unmanned platform in the Gulf of Mexico. (Originally posted in r/mildlyinteresting by u/foco_del_fuego) from oddlyterrifying

6. This is just heartbreaking.

This could just go so badly.

A mother hiding her face as she puts her children on sale (Chicago USA, 1948) from oddlyterrifying

5. Well I can never unsee that.

Which is probably exactly how the sharks like it.

Sharks photographed upside down. from Weird

4. They say they’re like deer…

I’m going to take issue with that comparison.

Never thought those roos were so terrifying. from oddlyterrifying

3. I mean, it’s true.

But they don’t have to remind us.

Sign on a cemetery gate. from oddlyterrifying

2. Whew, a funny one.

I needed the levity.

Forever, forever… from oddlyterrifying

1. Red rice, sure.

Someday they’re going to serve a search warrant for that rice cooker.

My friend cooked red rice but she put too much water from oddlyterrifying

Yeah, I’m glad it’s not dark outside right now.

I might need to sleep with the light on tonight.

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