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8 Interesting Facts That Most People Don’t Know

by Matthew Gilligan

Okay, friends, today we’re going to dazzle your  minds and satisfy your rampant curiosity with 8 incredibly interesting facts that are going to knock your socks off!

Read on to get a whole lot of great info!

1. World’s highest crime rate.

Believe it or not, Vatican city has the world’s highest crime rate.

There are 1.5 crimes per citizen in the city-state, which is home to about 1,000 people. Most of the crime in Vatican City involves tourists being pickpocketed.

There is only one judge and no prison in Vatican City, so most criminals are taken into Italy.

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2. Dangerous candy.

We’ve all heard the urban legends about Halloween candy filled with drugs, razor blades, and other dangerous contraband, but the likely origin of those warnings that we still hear today comes from a man named Ronald Clark O’Bryan.

O’Bryan k**led his 8-year-old son Timothy on Halloween in 1974 by feeding him Pixy Stix laced with poison. O’Bryan was in financial trouble and had taken out a $40,000 life insurance policy on his son and daughter only a few days before Halloween.

He gave poisoned Pixy Stix to his daughter and to other children in his neighborhood as well so the crime would hopefully be pinned on someone else, but miraculously no other children ate any of them except for his son.

O’Bryan was e**cuted by lethal injection in Texas for the m**der of his son in 1984.

3. The backstory of Scream.

Scream was a huge hit and it reinvigorated the horror genre when it came out in 1996, but did you know that the film is partially based on a true story?

Scream writer Kevin Williamson said he was inspired to write the screenplay after he saw an episode of the TV show Turning Point in 1994 that examined the story of Danny Rolling, who m**dered five students at the University of Florida in August 1990.

The crimes caused panic in Gainesville and Rolling was arrested in September 1990 in Ocala, Florida for armed robbery. Rolling was put to d**th in Florida in 2006 for his crimes.

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4. Olympus Mons.

The Olympus Mons is thought to be the biggest volcano in the entire solar system…and it’s on Mars.

The volcano is 16 miles high and 374 miles wide, roughly the size of Arizona.

The tallest volcano on Earth is Mauna Loa in Hawaii, which measures in at 6.3 miles above sea level.

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Photo Credit: NASA

5. Halloween Whopper.

Did you ever try the black Whopper that Burger King debuted around Halloween in 2015?

Well, if you didn’t maybe it was for the best…

Because people started to notice that their poop was bright green after eating the special burger…and that would be pretty alarming to anyone!

The folks at Burger King said that they used several different kinds of food coloring to get the desired color for the bun and it was determined that some of the residual food coloring mixed with bile in people’s’ stomachs and caused their poop to be green.


Burger King

6. The Dollar Baby Program.

Stephen King is the master of horror novels and it turns out that he’s also a pretty cool guy.

In an effort to give young filmmakers advantages, King started the Dollar Baby program in 1982. The program allows filmmakers to purchase the rights to King’s short stories but the films can’t be distributed commercially and King needs to receive a personal copy for himself.

Filmmaker Frank Darabont participated in the program in 1982 and made a short film out of King’s story The Woman in the Room. King enjoyed the film so much that he allowed it to be distributed commercially.

And Darabont later went on to direct The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption.

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7. Ancient migration.

Researchers believe that monkeys traveled from Africa to South America over 30 million years ago on “natural rafts” made out of debris and vegetation.

Africa and South America were closer together 30 million years ago than they are today and sea levels were lower, but it’s still an amazing story.

And it’s believed that the migration was accidental and the monkeys were most likely pushed out to sea because of a storm and had to cross the water to survive.

8. The first.

The first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal was an American named Alice Coachman (1923-2014).

She was born in Georgia in 1923 and was discouraged from playing sports by her father from a young age because that was seen as a male-dominated pursuit. Coachman began running competitively when she was young and designed her own training program because local facilities were segregated. Her athletic prowess led her to attend the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama in 1943.

Coachman won four national championships at Tuskegee for sprinting and high jumping. She made the Olympic team in 1948 and won the gold medal in the high jump and set a new record in the process.

She then became a teacher and coached track and in 1952 became the first black female athlete to endorse a major brand when she became a spokesperson for Coca-Cola. She also established the Alice Coachman Track and Field Foundation, which helped underprivileged young athletes with financial assistance.

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