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Man Asks if He’s a Jerk for Calling the Cops on His Fiance’s Mom

by Matthew Gilligan

Things definitely have to be pretty bad if you call the cops…on your fiancée’s mom…

Yes, that’s the story you’re about to see, friends…

Let’s see what went down and if this guy went too far or if he was justified in what he did.

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AITA for calling the cops on my fiancées mom?

“So wild situation but I feel like I need a fair judgement.

So I’ve (27M) have been dating Regan (27F) for 2 years and have been engaged the past 6 months. When we first started dating I realized that regan didn’t have the closest relationship with her parents, especially her mom. But all her siblings seemed to get along. I didn’t really find out why until later.

So regans are are part of the “lifestyle”, aka swingers. Growing up this was really rough on regan. Everybody in her small town knew and people made fun of her relentlessly. She h**ed it but at the same time they were her parents. Well when Regan was a senior her moms videos were posted onto a website.

Boys in her grade found them. Made her life hell. So she immediately went to a college far away (where we first met) and she really hasn’t had a relationship with them. We live like 30 minutes from them and we see them only at Christmas. Her parents are always reaching out to her however. So I’ve been seen as the guy “isolating” regan from the family.

So I come from a traditional family. Church on Sunday types. Regan fell in love with this. And really attached herself to my mom. They have gotten super close. Regan always talks about her liking my “normal” parents. So regan decided to not invite her mom and dad to the wedding. She said she is embarrassed of them. And doesn’t want people knowing who her mom is.

She asked my dad to walk her down the aisle. Her siblings got p**sed at this and she decided to cut them off as well and not invite them. Which caused Regan’s mom to explode. She’s called us so many times the last few months. And tried showing up at our place. I’ve had to tell her to leave every single time as Regan didn’t want to. Which is leading to the imagine of me “isolating” regan.

So this weekend regan was at a bachelorette party. I was home alone. I hear someone at my door. I see it was Regan’s mom and she looked emotional. I spoke through the doorbell and told her Regan wasn’t home and she needed to leave. She kept knocking and saying “I know she’s in there, I just want to talk”.

I said she wasn’t home and that she needed to leave. Well she walked to her car parked on the driveway, and made a phone call. And this point my neighbor texted me and asked if everything was okay as he heard yelling. Regan’s mom came back to the door and kept pounding on it. Saying she wanted to talk to her daughter. I told her she had 1 minute to leave the property.

She didn’t. So I called the cops. She was arrested for trespassing. Regan came back and I told her what happened. She was upset at me but then understood once I showed her my neighbors text and doorbell footage. Regan’s siblings are p**sed however. And so is her dad. I can’t help but feel like I did go to far.


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One reader said he’s NTA and that his fiancée’s parents sound very selfish for acting like this.

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Another individual agreed and said there’s something to be said for DISCRETION.

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This Reddit user said this guy is NTA and that the woman was asked to leave and she didn’t.

As simple as that…

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