February 2, 2023 at 11:28 pm

14 People Talk About Things That Most Folks Don’t Realize Are Unhealthy

by Matthew Gilligan

It can be hard to determine what is healthy and what is unhealthy these days.

And that includes food, drinks, supplements, and various other things to do with our lifestyles.

So what do most people not realize is really unhealthy?

Check out what folks on AskReddit said about this.

1. Get out there!

“Not getting out in nature.

I had to scroll way down to find this. Lots of evidence showing the mental AND physical benefits that just a couple of hours in natural settings can have on our well-being.

A lot of people mentioned stress, well, one of the most efficient ways to decrease it is getting out in nature.”

2. Totally toxic.

“Toxic relationships.

Regardless if it’s your significant other, a family member, friend, or a co-worker.

It will drain every ounce of energy from you.

Cut them off if you can — I realize that’s not always possible.”

3. You don’t need it.


You’re paying for expensive diarrhea, and you’re f**king up your gut flora.

Your liver already does the detoxing, let’s not repeat the craze of the 2010s.”

4. You gotta move.

“Not moving enough.

If you don’t bend, you eventually start to break.”

5. Be careful with them.

“Most cleaning supplies.

They’re fine to use in your house, but if you can smell it and your lungs aren’t happy smelling it, you should be wearing an n95 or respirator. Bleach is a big one. Anything that makes you cough in a small room.

I know everybody kind of goes crazy about shower stains but your bathroom is too small of an enclosed space to be using strong chemicals without some type of breathing protection. Turn the fan on, open the window and use a damn mask. Your lungs will thank you in 20 years.

I never even thought about any of that until I started glassblowing. Glass blowing works with a lot of stuff that we have to wear masks for (cold working like sanding down glass, the colored powders, mold materials, enamel paints, asbestos pads, etc).

Once I got into the habit of protecting my lungs, I realized just how much stuff at home is probably pretty bad to be breathing in also. Good news is, a reusable respirator is pretty cheap at any hardware store, the filters aren’t crazy expensive, and it’s surprisingly useful to have.

Painting, cleaning, replacing 50 year old carpet, any stinky job like when a 70 lb dog has diarrhea all over the house, etc. It’s just handy to have.”

6. A big one.


Yep, human interaction is one of those things everyone needs. I’m pretty introverted, so I went through that cringy teenage phase of thinking I’d be perfectly happy living the rest of my life alone with a computer, but it’s just not reality.

Even for the most introverted introverts, you still need human interaction every once in a while. Maybe you can go a few weeks without it and be fine, vs a more extroverted person who can only go a few days, but you ultimately still need it just as much as them.”

7. Destructive.

“Shift work.

Nights, followed by lates, followed by earlies.

Physiologically so destructive.”

8. You NEED sleep.

“Chronic lack of sleep.

So I was late 30s when I became a dad to twin boys. I went from sleeping a solid 7-8 hours a night virtually every night, to basically now not having had an unbroken night sleep in over two years.

Some weeks when the sleep is really bad, the degradation to my mental health is hard to overstate. I am extremely angry, emotional (never really used to be) and have no desire / appetite to do anything.

It’s also self destructive as all you want to do is eat bad food as at least some kind of reward for the endless hassle.

Would not recommend. Sleep, folks. Your body and mind need it.”

9. Do your own thing.

“Stopping yourself from enjoying/doing anything just because other people might not approve of it.

It can end up being one of the most detrimental things you can do to your health, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.”

10. Amen!

“24 hour news channels.

The news causes stress and anger and frustration and certain 24 hour news channels have contributed significantly to interpersonal rifts since the 24 hour news cycle became a thing.”

11. Keep your head up.

“Bad posture.

The damage it causes can be very difficult to fix.”

12. Not good for you!

“The amount of people who drink soda, Mountain Dew, and energy drinks 24/7 and say “I feel fine so it must be fine” is insane to me.”

13. Sleep is good.

“Getting a full night’s sleep sometimes feels like you’re bragging or just being lazy, but it makes a really big difference in my overall mood and ability to concentrate. I’m a much better person when I sleep well.”

14. You need some contact.

“Not  having  friends.

I’m in my late 30s and without a spouse or a single friend that I can call for help. I’m completely alone, all day, every day, and it has definitely been taking a massive toll, not just on my mental health, but my physical health, too.

Not to sound dramatic, but I don’t expect to be around for too much longer at this rate, and I’m kinda ok with that.”

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