Feb 7, 2023

16 People Divulge The One Thing They’re Sure They’ll Never Do

I would venture a guess that most people in the world have a longer list of things they really want to do than a list of things they’re sure they won’t – but I’m not sure.

There are plenty of reasons we’re sure something’s not for us, after all, and we can be pretty sure about our “never not me” list.

These 16 people have at least one thing they’re keen to avoid forever, and they’re sharing them below.

16. Super tempting, though.

Buy a super yacht. Even if I accidentally become super rich.

15. Yes, it’s a thing.

Give my money to Logan Paul.

For farts or anything else.

14. I feel called out.

Finish those leftovers that I thought I for sure was gonna eat today.

13. Sounds like a nightmare.

Go to NYC to watch the ball drop. Absolutely miserable experience by all accounts.

I’ve done that. It was awful. Nowhere to use the restroom. At all. Packed in drunks everywhere. Could not see the ball because I couldn’t get anywhere near.

12. Not great odds.

Go spelunking in uncharted caves.

What’s that statistic, 1 in 14? That’s how many die doing that. I could be wrong but I’m sure I seen it in a movie once.

11. There are worse things.

Play in the Superbowl.

10. That’s oddly specific.

Make love to a spider.

9. A positive attitude isn’t everything.

Climb Mt everest.

I’ve oft reminded folks that Everest is lined with the corpses of folks who started with a positive attitude.

Any activity that uses frozen corpses as landmarks is a “no” from me.

8. Ah, the confidence of the young.

Drop in on a half pipe ever again. It was fun when I was younger. I look at it now and don’t get how I ever had the balls.

7. It’s all in your perspective.

Cave diving.

I’ve been a caver for 30 years – tight, wet, vertical , all of it – but cave diving? No way. We often refer to it as “cave dying”.

6. I’m sure it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Go to space, even though i really really want to.

5. It’s not for everyone.

Become a plumber.

No I’m definitely not, wayyy to sensitive to bodily excrements

4. Why…would you?

Jump from a hot air balloon without a parachute.

3. It’s a joke, people.



Why waste money on a stupid overpriced and overhyped 10 minute high when you could stay up for three days from 20 bucks worth of meth instead.

Economic thinking is important, especially in these trying times.

2. For the love of adrenaline.


I used to really want to try it but as I get older the desire has expired

1. Forever a disappointment.


9 year old me tried SO hard in my backyard though

Mine is climbing Everest.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s people who want to do that and me are not the same.

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