February 20, 2023 at 12:14 am

16 People Share The Things Society Really Needs To Stop Pretending Are Normal

by Trisha Leigh

Society is a weird beast these days, if you ask me. We’re online so much, interacting with people we don’t know or who will never know us, and it tends to allow us to shrug off things that we might not if things were different.

Somehow, these 16 things have become normal for us – but these folks say we absolutely need to cut that s*%t out.

16. What a waste.

Food wastage. Lots of stores and restaurants throwout substandard food to maintain a level of quality that makes customers trust them, but it leads to enormous waste.

15. It’s not wrong to chill.

Always needing to be busy with something. Sometimes you just wanna do you and relax.

Boredom has been shown to be a productive state of mind if you let your mind wander where it wants.

14. It doesn’t add up.

Working yourself half to death and retiring poorer than when you started working.

13. Sleep. And also a lack of empathy.

Lack of sleep. It damages your body and mind way more than people think it does.

I was working at a company that was far away from my home so my schedule used to be: Waking up a 3am, get ready, be at the bus stop at 4am, be at the company at 5:45, work from 6am to 3:00pm, leave and arrive at home at 5:45pm and then connect to my university classes at 6pm to 9pm. Then I went to sleep like at 10 or 11pm so I could have dinner and study or do homework.

One day I had a One on One meeting with my boss she asked how I was doing and I told her that I was tired and she said “Well I am tired too but I’m still here” (she lives like 2km away from the company and she only works, there’s literally no comparison at all) it pissed me off the lack of empathy that she had even when she knew about my schedule because I requested to work from home because of university.

12. Yes please.

$8 coffee

11. Just a short list.

food wastage, medical bankruptcies, being chronically busy: goals for the 21st century

10. No obsessions are good.

The obsession of wealth to the point of allowing cruelty

9. Let people enjoy things.

Trying to turn every hobby/skill into a business or convincing people to do so.

The way the default compliments are “you could sell these” “you should put up a YouTube channel it’d get lots of views”…

8. They’re definitely not.

Retail customer is entitled to always being right.

7. It’s so odd.

Celebrity culture. Please for the love of god I sincerely don’t give a single s*%t about what any out of touch pricks did with their cereal, spouse, ex spouse, or f**king toe nails.

Their toxicity is literally poisoning the well of our society.

6. It’s a fine line.

Giving a 5 year old a smart phone to keep them occupied

The specific things you introduce them to is the critical point there, though. It’s not enough to give them a phone and that’s tech. You need to be doing something like that where it’s building skills

5. It’s a lot to expect.

Not visually supporting a movement on the internet means you’re against it for some reason.

there was an author that I love who didn’t immediately post something when all the george floyd stuff was going on, and people were fucking getting pissed at him for ‘stayling silent’


he’s not even an influencer

he writes f**king fantasy books holy s*%t

nobody is obligated to say anything about anything ever. just because you share your every thought on the internet doesn’t mean other people have to.

he did eventually post something, but even then these people were still saying stupid things like ‘im glad he finally corrected his mistakes. still not sure if ill be able to support him anymore’. so f**king self-righteous. as if they were doing anything meaningful themselves.

4. In any form, really.

Reality tv

In its current form.

3. Your employer literally doesn’t care.

Overworking yourself.

2. It should be a big decision.

Having children just because you can. Not everyone is a suitable parent. Some people shouldn’t have children imo

On top of this, pressuring other people to have children when they aren’t ready/not willing. Parents, family, even complete fucking strangers will berrate you (especially women) for not having children.

1. Constant connection.

Expecting you to be constantly connected to your phone. I hate all the implicit social rules about text messaging and getting back to people and shit.

Oh no, your feelings got hurt because I didn’t respond in 2 minutes to your meme? I’m soooo sorry it’s not like I wasn’t, I don’t know, busy or something?

I co-sign all of these.

Also, I could make a way longer list.

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