March 30, 2023 at 1:11 pm

Man Documents His Attempt To Lose Weight On An All-McDonald’s Diet

by Trisha Leigh

When you think about dieting in an attempt to lose weight, you probably assume that choosing to eat places like McDonald’s is pretty much off-limits.

TikToker Kevin McGinnis apparently likes to make things extra hard on himself, though, and set out to lose unwanted weight eating nothing but McDonald’s…and here’s how it’s going.

He’s sharing the journey and results of his unconventional weight loss plan as @bigmaccoaching, and chose the mantra “French fries to fit guy,” which is sort of catchy.


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The Nashville native was 56 when he began his journey in February, with a TikTok that garnered over 500,000 views.

He was 238 pounds.

“I’m going to eat nothing but McDonald’s for the next 100 days, but instead of eating everything they give me, I’m going to go ahead and cut the meals in half just to prove to myself and maybe some of the other people watching that it’s not as much what you’re eating, it’s the quantity that we’re eating that really jacks us up.”

He addressed some concerns about waste by saying he would save the other halves of the meals to eat at a later time, and admits he drinks water instead of a soda from the fountain.

He provided an update after 10 days on the Today Show and advised them that the diet is “absolutely working.”

“This morning, I was twelve and a half pounds down – start of day 10.”

MaGinnis says that he’s had mixed feedback from doctors, and that while some hate it, some are absolutely find with it.

His hope is that by the end of 100 days he’ll be down around 50 pounds, and that he’ll feel a lot better, too.


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“My health will be better. My blood work will be better. And if you don’t believe me, follow along. Let’s find out.”

The reason he’s doing all of this online is because he believes having other people checking in on him will help him stick to the plan.

“I’m in financial services, so you want to have some sort of accountability – millions of people, there’s pretty good accountability.”

Tune in to see whether or not he’s right, whether or not he’s healthier, and whether or not he gets sick of the menu before 100 days is up.

I’m finding myself pretty curious on all counts, too.

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