April 10, 2023 at 3:10 am

People Share Their Absolute Favorite Internet Rabbit Holes

by Trisha Leigh

Even if you can end up wasting hours and hours of your life falling down them, internet rabbit holes are actually pretty great (if you ask me).

You can’t go looking for them, exactly, because the best ones always find you.

That said, you might find yourself itching to find out more about these 14 deep ones.

14. Be careful.

Locked in syndrome. It f**ked me up mentally for like a week. Terrifying.

there was a guy who did an AMA about how he was in Locked in Syndrome and he was able to finally get them to realize he was in there and he managed to recover. S

o much anxiety man……. Its basically like claustrophobia which is another huge anxiety of mine.

13. They wanted answers.

Spent a lot of time in the “quantum consciousness” rabbit hole. I had just deconstructed from religion and wanted answers about life, death, and reality.

It was long before I made peace with not knowing.

I spent around a year obsessed with quantum experiments, psychedelics, and the general philosophy of consciousness

12. Beware.

The story of Chris Chan. If you don’t know then beware! There are some things that, once known, cannot be unknown.

11. Only hours?

list of unusual deaths

Spent several hours looking at this

I already knew about this one (there’s videos on it) but seeing it put in just a few sentences still blows my mind.

Bernd Jürgen Brandes was voluntarily slaughtered and eaten by Armin Meiwes, following an appointment via internet. At his request, Meiwes first amputated his penis and they unsuccessfully tried to eat it. Meiwes taped the entire amputation and killing, and conserved and ate Brandes’ meat. Meiwes was eventually arrested and sentenced to life in prison.[269][270] Meiwes became a vegetarian during his prison sentence.

10. It makes no sense.

I went down a flat earth rabbit hole on YouTube once.

After watching Behind The Curve on Netflix I started watching videos by some of the people featured in that film.

I really want to believe these people are trolling. That’s the only way any of it makes sense to me.

9. All sorts.

The SCP Foundation and disasters, especially industrial and manmade.

8. Pretty wholesome.

Not so much a strange one, but actually pretty wholesome.

I was looking up something in a Boston Globe archive from the 1930’s, and there was a blurb and picture on one of the pages about a 3 year old girl that participated in some kind of local play.

Out of curiosity I searched her name and found a graduation announcement some years later, then a wedding announcement around 1960 with a picture of her and her husband. Using her new married name I did a Google search and found that they had moved to Ohio and started a family, read about her children’s weddings, and later on her husband’s obituary, all the way up to around 2015 where I read her own obituary.

It was a beautifully written account of her life and the family she raised. Initially I was looking for something else, but it brought me into a rabbit hole of seeing a trajectory of this person’s life starting at the age of 3 up until she died in her 80’s, complete with pictures and commentary on who she was and how she lived.

There are billions of people in this world, and everyone has a story.

7. Highly recommend.

Just went down a rabbit hole about caving. While I personally possess absolutely no desire to contort my body through a hole in a rock and possibly get trapped and die, watching other people do it is exhilarating.

It started when I stumbled onto a random short video of someone climbing through a tight hole in the ground and vanishing entirely. Then of course I needed to know more so I advanced to a video about professional cave mappers who explain how they get in and out of caves.

Now I’ve just learned all about a man named William Floyd Collins (he was a cave explorer from Kentucky) from a video on The Internet Historian’s YT channel and it was absolutely fascinating. Highly recommend.

6. A fetish of sorts.

I was watching that “it’s garbage day” video on YouTube and somehow I ended up watching videos of garbage trucks and the comments were um interesting. It was almost like a fetish to film garbage trucks

5. Still a mystery.

When I was doing some research on royal love marriages in college for an assignment, and I still have no idea how this happened, I somehow got to the Wikipedia page for Webkinz. It was like a 5 hour research session, and I don’t understand what happened.

I have done many research rabbit-holes in my time, but that one I still can’t figure out what led there.

4. Strap yourselves in.

The Elan school.

that comic from the guy who was sent there is eye-opening and also such a bummer (as well as the documentaries on Elan). I also ended up watching Paris Hilton’s documentary not long after reading the comic only to find out that she was sent away to a place very much like this. She used the documentary to expose places like that and give victims a voice.

The comic for those wondering. https://elan.school/

Strap yourself in for a long, sad and f**king crazy ride that is still happening in many places across the US.

3. So much to learn.


You can grind your own pen nibs or pay a professional to do it for you. I never even considered just how personal everyone’s pen preferences are until I looked at a nib customization form. The way you grip the pen, how high or low you hold it, what angle, do you rotate it, what direction does it point in relation to the page, how do you like the ink flow, do you like it glassy and smooth or with a bit of feedback?

I didn’t know this before, but western pen brands tend to be larger in their sizing, and better for people who hold their pen at a lower angle, and Japanese brands are the opposite.

I’m just now finding that you can buy a really cheap clone of a very expensive pen, and fit a flex nib into it—what most people tend to think of for “calligraphy.” Where you put some pressure down and get line variation. Most fountain pens aren’t like this, but everyone assumes that for some reason?

There’s just soooo much to learn about it. I’ve been in this rabbit hole for months lol.

2. A missing chunk of time.

What the lost city of Atlantis could be. It is quite fascinating.

Also there’s a geological phenomenon that I am blanking on the name for where a whole chunk of time is missing from the stone layering.

1. One thing led to another.

I kid you not, but once I was randomly looking up a Wikipedia article on Poodles and I ended up going down a rabbit hole of wiki articles and finally ended up being invested for like an entire weekend on the subject of the genetic collapse of the Hasburgs/Spanish Royal Family.

Some of these are new to me.

I guess I’m off to waste some time of my own.

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