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He Watched a Horror Movie With His Curtains Open. Is He a Jerk?

by Matthew Gilligan

Can no one mind their own business anymore?

And what happened to being able to watch whatever you want in the comfort of your own home?

Hmmmm…that’s kinda fishy, don’t you think?

But let’s get all the details before we make up our minds!

Check out this young man’s story and see if you think he acted like an a**hole.

AITA For Watching A Horror Film With My Curtains Undrawn?

“I cannot actually believe this has happened, I am still in shock because I do not understand what this lady was thinking.

So it’s the Easter holidays for me, which means I (15M) am home alone everyday as I don’t have school. And just like anyone else, I get so bored when I’m home alone. But I am an avid horror movie fan and I decided that I should spend my time catching up on a few of the films on my Netflix playlist to pass the time. Yesterday I started watching Fear Street.

In order to understand, you need a bit of background. The way my house is laid out, there is a large window that means that anyone walking by on the street can see anything that is being played on the TV and I h**e that it’s laid out like that because it makes me feel like I get absolutely no privacy.

With that in mind, yesterday I was watching a horror film with the curtains open which means that anyone walking by could technically peer in and see what I was watching. I was chilled and frankly having a lot of fun cause it’s a good film- not too gory or cliche.

It was more s**ual in my opinion. I hadn’t realised but a couple of kids playing on the street were passing by and clearly they had peered in during a bloody scene because an old woman had knocked on the window and when I looked back at her she pointed to my TV, then at me and then at my door.

I think my first mistake was just shrugging and drawing the curtains because at the time I had no clue her kids had seen what was on the TV and I assumed she was mad about- something or other. At some point the knocking against my window stopped and I thought nothing of it.

But then, this morning I woke up to the doorbell ringing and my mum, who was about to leave for work, answered it. Whoever was at the door spoke to her for maybe ten minutes and then she came upstairs, shook me awake and told me to go downstairs and talk to the person at the door.

Turns out it was the woman, arms crossed, with two little boys stood behind her. I don’t remember what she was yelling entirely, but, to paraphrase, she was annoyed that I was watching such a film with the curtains open and her children fully able to see it as they ran by.

See, here’s my dilemma. Because as she yelled at me I tried to tell her I was sorry her kids saw what I was watching, but I was watching what I wanted in my own house and I did not feel it was my issue that her children had stopped and must have physically looked at what I was watching because if they had been just running by, they would not have been able to clearly see the scene. But she did not listen and instead kept reprimanding me, calling me careless and disgusting.

She left and my mum and I stared at each other with confused faces. My mum is on my side, thinking that looking inside our house is a privacy violation, but I’m not so sure. I’ve started drawing the curtains when I’m downstairs and watching anything that isn’t rated U, but I don’t know if I was in the wrong.

AITA for not drawing my curtains in the first place?”

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