May 10, 2023 at 10:17 pm

People Who Still Use Cash Explain Why They’ll Never Stop

by Trisha Leigh

We might be headed toward being a “cashless” society, but we’re not there yet. There are still times when cash comes in handy, and as long as some people prefer actual money to ones and zeros zipping through the air, merchants and other individuals will have to deal with it.

If you’re one of those who never has cash and wonders why anyone would, these people are dishing about just that!

It helps control spending.

I find it easier to control my spending if I use cash.

This has been proven in studies before. That people spend more when they dont physically see the money leave their hands and decrease in value.

Because tacos.

Taco trucks around me are cash only.

Everybody takes cash.

Informal transactions. Everybody takes cash.

Dunno if it’s still true, but there were a couple of small restaurants in town recently that wouldn’t take cards. They would take a local check, and there was an ATM in the corner. They were small enough that they didn’t want to take the hit on credit card merchant fees. And “local” enough that people accepted it.

To buy local.

I use cash at a farmer’s markets/flea markets because most of the stands don’t have card readers.

Kind of similar for vendor halls at conventions/art shows. Plus if you use card they have to add tax, but cash is king and the $20 tag means $20 cash.

You never know who might stop by.

Because the kid who mows my lawn doesn’t have Venmo.

An old lady sells tamales from her car in my neighborhood.

It’s like the adult ice cream truck except I still run outside for the ice cream truck too.

A handful of reasons.

I use cash occasionally.

Kids come to the door to shovel the walk, for example.

My very rare purchase of lottery tickets.

Tiny purchases (pack of gum, etc).

It makes things feel real.

when i see im losing money it make me spend less money smh

Not at the same time.

Drugs and garage sales

If you want to hide something.

I use cash for transactions I’d rather there not be a financial paper trail for.

For my it’s primarily gifts for my wife. She handles all of our bills so she sees everything that goes on our cards.

Avoid those fees.

Cash doesn’t allow me to go negative in my account.

Secret money.

i get cash tips at work, i’ll use it for lunch. i like cash cause my bank account doesn’t know it exists, it’s secret money

This seems to be a theme.

I still use cash because I feel like I am more mindful with my spending using cash versus using a debit/credit card.

The laundry fairy.

I love when DH forgets cash in his laundry.

The laundry fairy gladly accepts tips.

Granted, I just put it in my stash spot to pull out when he asks if I have any cash, but it’s fun to find $20 in the dryer.

Know your weaknesses.

yes i have a horrible shopping addiction, in my financial class my teacher said when you spend cash rather than card its harder and actually sets off pain receptors in your brain. helped so far.

It can bite you if you don’t.

For the last 5 years or so anywhere I go for cosmetic services has completely disallowed tipping on your card. I used to work at a waxing center and we’d definitely pull, “we encourage you to tip your esthetician in cash today if possible”. But then as a consumer I started hearing “no tipping on the card” which puts you in a super uncomfortable situation if you came unprepared.

Once I had a nail salon owner tell me they’d hold my license while I went to an ATM. It was really embarrassing because I was getting my nails done for a job interview, I was unemployed and using a credit card. I literally had about $3-5 in my checking account and was prepared to tip over 20% on the card. I was just like “I’m so sorry… I… can’t today”.

I don’t think we’ll ever be truly cashless as a society.

Or at least, I don’t think it will be happening for awhile.

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