May 12, 2023 at 10:17 pm

People Share Their Stories Where They Met Some Legitimately Dangerous Folks

by Trisha Leigh

If someone asked me this question, I’m not sure I would have a good answer. Everyone’s definition of “dangerous” is probably a little bit different, and maybe different things could seem dangerous to different people, too.

These folks think there are some pretty dangerous people in their lives, according to their definitions, so gird your loins and take a look.

Scary smart.

My father. A wife-beating criminal, cocaine addict, full of steroids and anger issues. He showed up at my little sister’s house last January and threatened her for money.

But the dangerous part is that he’s scary smart. Gotta give credit where credit is due, that guy is not stupid and that’s what makes him all the more dangerous.

There’s very few people I’m genuinely afraid of, but he’s one of them.

You’ve gotta look out for yourself.

My mom has totaled around 5 cars. Shes a terrible driver, shouldnt even be on the road.

If shes driving Ill say “Ill take my car and meet you there.”

May he rot.

Former high school classmate who became a cop and started a pedophilia ring, eventually crossing multiple state lines and trading services for video game systems, all while abusing neighborhood children.

May he rot in the federal penitentiary that currently houses his nasty a$$.

What in the world.

My dad eats mushrooms from his backyard, and hoses out his toaster and hangs it by the cord on the washing line to dry.

You can’t judge.

My grandfather, wonderful, kind and caring man. Won a military cross for exceptional bravery for taking out 2 machine gun nests in ww2. He ran out of ammo and killed multiple enemies with a shovel by hand.

Was quiet, not boastful but towards the end of his life talked about how easy it became to kill in the war and he remembered the sound of an enemies head coming off when he hit him with a shovel.

Made me think how quiet and unassuming he was but when necessary he was able to do that.

Try not to show fear…

My brother in law. He’s a chronic alcoholic with a narcissistic personality and violent tendencies. He has assaulted each of his siblings and sexually assaulted his ex-wife and little sister.

He’s been enabled and taught to be a victim his whole life.. I’m terrified of him, but he’s someone you never want to show fear or weakness.

What an inspiration.

My neighbour Frank is from Sicily. He smokes in the supermarket, drives like a nutcase, can swear in three languages.

He’s 80 years old and he was drinking limoncello on his roof this morning. One of my favourite people


A nurse I have worked with once. She completely stepped over boundaries, disconnected a picc line without informing me (the picc trained nurse), didn’t wear gloves or wash her hands. Couldn’t take criticism or couldn’t be taught about the error of her clinical judgement. Instead shouted at myself, the patient and other staff. Didn’t come back so she’s probably moved on to another area.

The patient? That was her last go at palliative chemo to give her some more months of quality time with her children. The picc blocked. They didn’t give her another one. That nurse contributed to that woman having less time with her family. I will never forgive her.

What a horror show.

My grandma, she got me drunk at 2. Tried to groom me, tried to sell my mom for money, is a raging alcoholic.

Last year she was taking meds for her liver, you weren’t allowed to drink alcohol on the meds. She did anyway, and her tongue would swell so she couldn’t breathe.

No worries, she would just use an epi pen to fix that. This time it didn’t work, so she drove 45 mins, drunk and on epi to the dr. She was admitted to the hospital and dried out.

These are the mild stories

My heart was in my throat.

My grandad, when he was alive. He was a sweet, humble old man who loved gardening but oh my god I do not know who allowed him to keep driving. He was 84 with arthritis, plus he was deaf and almost blind, but he insisted on still driving.

One time he parked his car on a tram track with my sister inside it. He is the sole reason I think there should be an age limit on driving licenses.

We’re all screwed.

Not as direct as many comments here but I was briefly in business with a former high ranking politician in my country, they weren’t particularly malicious but their arrogance and narcissism was matched only by their incompetence.

It was terrifying that someone who I wouldn’t trust to wipe their own ass used to play a significant role in running a g20 country – I know everyone thinks politicians are morons but this was first hand evidence of how f**ked we must all be.

They just want a little taste.

Babies in that stage of crawling and almost walking. Those nutcases try to eat electricity.

Full mobility, zero judgment.

There’s always one.

Probably my best friend in high school, though he’s more of a danger to himself than anyone else.

Proved the creepy thing, I guess.

Either the guy who got busted diddling preschoolers or the guy who tried to kidnap a high school girl at gunpoint because she called him creepy while he was high on something.

Take the money and hush.

In the 80’s, my father knew a family of brothers, they were well connected people. The oldest didn’t trust banks and only used cash, rolls of notes as thick as your wrist.

As a kid I got stuff for Christmas that “fell of the back of a truck” new bikes etc. If a car was stolen, it could easily be stripped for parts in hours as one brother owned a scrap yard.

My dad worked with them regularly and always got paid well but never said too much about the work.

Like a switch flipped.

My parents moved into a neighborhood with a truck driver as a neighbor. When they finally met him (he drove ALL the time), they found out his wife had killed herself and his son had been in jail/prison on and off since he was a minor.

Trucker dude was super rough around the edges, but had acquired quite a bit of wealth over his career of hard work. My parents started having him over for dinners and became pretty good friends. He didn’t like to talk about his son and got reallllll grumpy when his name came up.

Dad wasn’t the (direct problem). His son got released from prison and came back home on a “last chance” deal with his dad.

He was in rehab. He was helpful and helping my parents with projects and chores. They started trusting the guy. He seemed like things were going well in his life for once. I even met the fuck up and agreed he was a nice kid with a bad life (he was older than me and I still say kid lol).

Whelp. Dad called my parent and told them he had been missing for 2 nights and that’s not a good sign. Turns out he went on a bender, beat the living shit out of his girlfriend in a home Depot parking lot, and evaded a cop on his way out. He started calling my parents with burner phones asking if he could come over.

The answer was a hard no.

He then escalated to he was gonna “roll up with his crew and take their shit while they slept.”

That escalated things even more. He got caught the next day at a trap house and arrested with an illegal handgun. Fucker was locked in for 7 years and released on good behavior. Nobody knows where he is at, his dad died a few years back. They think they saw him multiple time sitting outside of his old house late at night.

That’s the scariest person I know.

Oh my god.

I got close with a person I met for an online hookup. After 6 months he opens up to me about how he has multiple murderous thoughts and he’s in therapy for it. Told me how he used poisons in very creative ways on his bullies and got them extremely sick.

I thanked him for opening up to me, then slowly “got too busy” to hang out anymore.

Probably not in IT.

My BILs best friend who works for the government. He’s not allowed to tell us what he does and all we know he leaves for a couple of weeks at a time every few months, speaks several languages and looks like he’s cut out of wood. There was one time where he came over to a party I was having and I’d set up some VR games for people to try.

There was a game where zombies attack you from all sides and it’s all about keeping your head on a swivel and headshots. I don’t remember the specifics, but none of us had gotten past level 2 or 3. He made it to something like 30 without breaking a sweat.

It was his first time playing that game and he hasn’t games since SNES days. Everyone that saw him play/move that day agrees he’s probably not working in IT.

Yeah, I’m glad none of these people are in my life, honestly.

Choose your circle wisely, people!

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