June 4, 2023 at 12:18 pm

Here Are Just A Few Things Older Women Don’t Get About The Younger Generation

by Trisha Leigh

I would guess there are a lot of things Gen X or older Millennials don’t get about those women younger than them – so much have changed and so quickly that even though just a few decades separate us, their youth looks nothing like ours did.

So, think about that while you check out this list.

The driving thing!

I know a few 17-18y/old girls who have decided not to learn to drive or get licensed because their boyfriends always have cars; not to finish school because they don’t enjoy it; and don’t ever want to vote because that stuff’s boring.

They have these precious rights to be free, to be educated, to be heard, and they don’t care!

(Regarding the car thing – we’re in a semi-rural area with limited transport options.)

All the respect.

They are SO good at makeup. I don’t know if it’s because they have better products, the availability of tutorial videos or both but they all look amazing and we were walking around with orange faces and smudged eyeliner.

Not gonna lie I’m a little jealous.

We should respect and uplift all women and however they choose to express themselves, wether it’s by wearing makeup and miniskirts or carhartts and axel grease.

Straight fierce.

I am 50. I am actually amazed by young women’s self confidence. So many of the amazing young adults I meet through my kids just scream self confidence. I still feel insecure at 50. Maybe it is because since they could be online everyone had an opinion on them and they had to learn just not to care. But so many of them, even if it is not there fake that self confidence.

I have said I wanted to be my middle child when I grew up her whole life. She is just fierce. She makes no excuses for who she is. She is amazing. And her life is not always easy. She just handles the world like it is hers to be handled. And I watch the same thing from her brother, her sister and about every one they know. They kind of give me hope the world is getting better.

I was laughing at my 12 yo great niece. I have taken care of her since she was 9 months old. She does competition cheer. But the faces she makes. Wow. Straight fierce. That’s what I wanna be when I grow up.

A few yikes.

I’m definitely not considered older woman yet, so J apologise as my view may not count but one thing I’ve noticed since starting a new job and working with some 17-20 year olds has given me a few yikes

One is the weird obsession with knowing where their partners is at all times, one girl threw a mini fit because her partners Snapchat location wasn’t on and she was scarily angry about it

And the weird glorification I’ve seen about being ‘psycho’ is such a weird red flag. Amount of them boasting about borderline mentally abusive things or acts they do to their partners is f**king WILD and frankly scares me a little

Their poor self-esteem.

Following people on social media that just make them feel bad about themselves.

Comparing yourself to a highly curated & filtered persona is so damaging to self-esteem.

Too many gifts.

Not limited to women, but: gender reveal parties.

I already have to go to your baby shower, and now you want me to go to another party? Do I have to bring a gift?

Don’t do it.

Putting up with bullshit you know isn’t ok. We all do this but as 40 something it’s painful to watch young women continue to just stay in abusive or even just frustrating imbalanced relationships.

Realize your worth ladies..sooner than later.

Actual experiences.

I’m 33 so I don’t consider myself old yet, but I’ve seen young girls living through Snapchat & other apps, vehemently photographing themselves and everything around them.

To me, it seems as if they care more about how they portray themselves online towards others (they don’t even know), instead of enjoying the actual experiences.

We all blame porn.

The way young women seem to worry so much about their genitals’ appearance. To the point of surgery on their labia and bleaching their anus.

I blame porn, I suppose, but I hate that these young women feel so judged that they need to resort to this.

Condoms still have their place.

Not using barrier birth control is another.

I wonder how much of that is the rise of IUDs and implants. The typical use effectiveness rate on those is so much higher than the pill that it could be a reasonable choice to not double up on protection with a long-term partner.

For casual hook-ups though I agree people should definitely be using a condom. I know STDs are very treatable nowadays but still.

Weird and scary.

There seems to be a hype culture about being a stripper or selling pics of one’s feet on the Internet.

14 year olds are discussing how to best get a sugar daddy. Weird. And scary.

Influencers and influenced.

Influencers and those who are influenced by them. It drives me crazy! So many of these influencers are just narcissistic idiots who really don’t know anything but if they are pretty and talk a good game, people follow them and believe in their “brand”.

So much focus on body image – it’s no wonder depression is spiking.

It freaks us out.

I kinda hate the claw like nails that are popular right now.

Seriously you look great.

Botox in their early 20s. There’s nothing there. What wrinkles are you trying to fix?

This is the thing that I don’t understand, also. If I’m totally honest, there’s a little bit of resentment on my behalf, also. I had the “wrong” body type most of my life (heroine chic, waif in extra-low-jeans/Juicy track suit were NEVER options for me). But now that an hourglass figure is finally popular, I’m being judged on smile lines, and lack of filler, etc., etc.

I want to tell all the young women I meet that they don’t owe rearranging their faces to anyone, because according to society/fashion there will ALWAYS be something expensive about themselves they “need” to fix. It’s not a winnable game.

We’ll keep our granny suits.

This is real small, and makes me feel real ancient, but pulling their bathing suits up their butt cracks. It just looks SO uncomfortable to me, but y’all do you.

I’ll sit over in my full coverage, granny bathing suit that’s probably ugly, but I’ll be comfy.

I would agree with all of these.

And I think it’s important to state that just because older women don’t get it doesn’t mean they hate it.

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