June 26, 2023 at 3:45 am

People Discuss the Human Behaviors That They’ll Never Understand

by Matthew Gilligan

RedditHumanBehavior People Discuss the Human Behaviors That They’ll Never Understand

People never cease to amaze me…and I don’t always mean that in a good way!

Because people can be totally NUTS.

You know it’s true!

And now it’s time to hear from folks on AskReddit about human behaviors that they’ll never understand.

Let’s take a look.

Get a hobby.

“People who NEED to watch what their neighbors do all the time!

Find a better hobby!

It’s truly insane. There is a gang of retired women in my neighborhood to have literally nothing better to do than snoop around neighbor’s lives, gossip, and complain.

I thought by the time you’re in your 60s, you would chill out and be selective about the f**ks you give.

Not so. These women have an infinite amount of f&&ks to give, about everyone and everything.”

See it all the time.

“The anger and indignity at being proven wrong but never changing your opinion.

This most often happens when one’s identity is wrapped up in one’s opinions.

If someone identifies as someone who believes X, then any evidence that X might not be true is perceived as a personal attack and triggers an emotional response.”


“People who get an animal and then intentionally neglect or a**se it.

Years working in animal rescue I’ve seen it all and it’s made me h**e humans.”


“People who litter.

I launch non profit company that organize clean-up events with volunteers and it’s so hard to see every time how people are disrespectful for others and for themselves

If it was something difficult not to litter, but it’s so easy and there is no reason to do this.”

So rude.

“Talking on speaker phone while in public.

Even better when they’re having an argument on speaker phone.”


“People being sh**ty to retail workers.

Just because you can’t read, don’t get pi**y with me because I wouldn’t refund the difference on the bag of birdseed you bought 6 days BEFORE the sale started.”


“Celebrity worship.

My dad, as embarrassing and true as it be, is a Trump supporter and if you talk any sort of s**t on Trump, my dad gets HEATED.

Like dude, you realize you’re idolizing someone who in the end doesn’t give a single f**k about you and is only using your support for personal selfish gain.”

Is this funny?

“Screeching and screaming (think Twitch streamers) as a brand of comedy.

Didn’t find it funny as a kid, don’t find it funny now, still very unsure of what is funny about it.”

Pretty weird.

“Complete devotion to someone that you have never met.

Politics, sports entertainment……I just don’t get the obsession over any person.”

Take it somewhere else.

“Filming TikToks and things like that in public.

Some of them are so embarrassing too when you really think about them setting up the camera to record themselves.

I saw one in person recently where a girl had her mom blocking up traffic to take pictures of her doing a bunch of poses in front of a cactus. Just fully awkward and an a**hole move.

Like a video I saw of a nurse recording herself being upset about a patient d**ng.

Fully set up her camera and walked around the corner and back again to start crying and act out being devastated.”

Out of my way!

“People who drive like 45mph in the left lane.

How do you not see the dozens upon dozens of cars behind you?

Also somehow these people are always driving in sync with the people in the other two lanes, effectively creating an unpassable wall of cars.

Get a clue, people.”

Sometimes it’s hard to not lose faith in humanity. *sigh*