June 8, 2023 at 9:33 pm

People Talk About “Mysteries” That Have Actually Already Been Solved

by Matthew Gilligan

The Famous One Bermuda Triangle People Talk About “Mysteries” That Have Actually Already Been Solved

I thought that had been solved…


With all kinds of information, urban legends, myths, and DISinformation floating around, I guess you never really know which mysteries have been solved and which ones haven’t…

But today we’re about to get a major dose of TRUTH.

So read on to get smart!

No mystery here!

“They found the remains of the entire Romanov family, so Anastasia did not survive, and neither did any member of Nicholas II’s immediate family.”

Here you go.

“The mysterious trails of rocks at Racetrack Playa” in Death Valley National Park, California.

For many years, the cause of these mysterious rock movements was unknown. However, in recent years, scientists have discovered that the rocks move due to a combination of wind and ice.

During periods of rain or melting snow, water freezes into thin sheets of ice on the surface of the lake bed. When the ice breaks apart, it can be moved by wind, and as the ice sheets move, they push the rocks along with them, leaving behind the distinctive trails.”

A famous one.

“The Bermuda Triangle turns out to have the expected number of mishaps at sea given the amount of shipping that traverses it.”


“The Solway Firth Spaceman became popular in ufology as it supposedly showed a mysterious figure in the background.

For 50 years no one quite knew what it really was till someone analysed the photo and concluded it was actually the mother who accidentally walked into the photo. The reason she looked like a spaceman was because of overexposure.”


“The Lady of the Dunes was an unidentified woman who had been m**dered and left in the dunes of Provincetown, Massachusetts. What made her m**der unique besides being a cold case for years was one theory about who she was.

Stephen King’s son noticed a woman in the movie Jaws that looked identical to the lady of the dunes, and Jaws was filmed near the area too. However, she has recently been identified as Ruth Marie Terry. They believe her husband m**dered her as he had a criminal record with his past wives beforehand.”

It’s a hoax!

“A man in Florida fooled people for years into believing there was a giant penguin walking the beaches, the hoax began in 1958 and was only revealed to be a hoax in 1988.”

Not a conspiracy.

“Late 1940s a British plane flying in South America sent out the message in morse code 3 times STENDEC then vanished.

Found in the 90s to have crashed underpowered into the side of a mountain and buried in a glacier.

It was a huge UFO conspiracy theory for years.”


“Whether the Titanic sank in one piece or not.

Many discounted those survivors who said they saw her split in two because they had a hard time believing such a mighty ship could rip apart like that.

It wasn’t until Ballard and his crew found her that the truth was revealed.”

Not lost anymore.

“The rediscoveries of lost cities such as:

The rediscovery of the location of Pompeii in 1748.

The rediscovery of the location of Herculaneum in 1709.

The discovery of the location of Machu Picchu in 1911.”

Crazy case.

“The Boy in the Box has been identified as Joseph Augustus Zarelli, although his h**icide is still an open investigation.”

A sad story.

“Elisa Lam, the woman found d**d in the water tank on top of a hotel in Los Angeles.

It wasn’t a murder or ghost, she was mentally ill having a bipolar episode.”

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