June 22, 2023 at 2:05 am

People Talk About the Movies That Blew Their Minds the First Time They Saw Them

by Matthew Gilligan

What Movie Blew Your Mind 1 People Talk About the Movies That Blew Their Minds the First Time They Saw Them

I’ve been a movie lover my whole life and there are certain ones that still stick in my mind when I think about the first time I got to see them.

One was the first time I saw The Texas Chain Saw Massacre at a friend’s sleepover in fourth grade. I’m talking about the original 1974 version, people. The mother of all horror movies…

And it completely BLEW MY MIND.

And I still love it all these years later!

What movie blew your mind the first time you saw it?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say.

Summer blockbuster.

“Jurassic Park.

I loved how under wraps they kept the whole thing. You literally could not see what the dinosaurs looked like unless you paid for a ticket on release.

I remember a photo of Steven Spielberg in the paper posing with one of the dinosaurs and they completely blacked out the dinosaur. You only saw a tail for a brief second in the commercials.

And damn, when they show that first dinosaur and it rears up on its hind legs to get that high branch, I shrunk down in my seat a little. Had no idea what I was in for.”

Was it a dream?

“Spirited Away.

The feeling it left me with was like I’d had an intense, vivid dream.

I’d never seen such soulfully executed animation.”


“The Matrix.

I remember seeing it in a theater when it came out. Matinee on a Wednesday afternoon but the theater was still a quarter full.

Guy in front of me said “what in the f**k?!?” during the bullet-time scene. Sticks with me to this day.”

Still relevant.

“Fight Club.

It was such a weird movie with such crazy characters.

Beautifully shot and a great story with themes that are still of interest today.”


“Saving Private Ryan.

Everyone talks about the beach landing scene for obvious reasons, but man seeing the final battle scene in the theater and hearing the ball-bearing squeak of the Panzer track for what seemed like an eternity before it showed up was horrifying and is something I haven’t been able to recreate in viewings since.”


“The Sixth Sense

Before the Internet you could actually watch a movie with a surprise ending and have it be a surprise.

And anyone who says “I knew” is a f**king liar.”


“Pulp Fiction.

I had no idea you could tell a story non linearly. Blew my mind.

I actually finished the movie, rewound the tape, and watched it again, just to make sure I understood it properly and also because of how awesome it was.

Still my favorite film of all time.”

A great one.

“The Silence of the Lambs.

Every single movie I had ever seen had made a heroine interested in love.

Finally, a movie about a genuinely terrifying bad guy, and the hero doesn’t fold or fade, and the same with the book.”


“The Dark Knight

This was the first time I had seen a major budget comic book movie taken this seriously.

And Heath Ledger was completely and utterly captivating every second that he was on screen.”

Cool flick.

“Starship Troopers.

It came out when I was in elementary school, so I had no idea about fascism. I just loved sci-fi, giant bugs and war movies.

Watching it all in one movie featuring epic battles was so much fun.”

A gem.


Just gets better with age! Wonderfully weird.

For fans of 1984, but make it a comedy.

Just as dark and horrible and frustrating as Orwell but funny. With the visual style straight outta Monty Python.

Amazing cast too. An absolute gem.”

What did I just see?

“Being John Malkovich.

Rewound the tape to watch again just to wrap my head around what I just witnessed.”

There are so many good answers here! It’s hard to pick just one… but I’ll say that Brazil is an amazing satire.

Go see it, fam!