June 23, 2023 at 7:29 pm

What TV Series Had the Worst Finale? People Shared Their Thoughts.

by Matthew Gilligan

TV Series Worst Finale What TV Series Had the Worst Finale? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Some TV shows run out of steam and can’t come up with a good finale and other shows just botch it for some reason.

We hear a lot about the iconic finales of TV shows, but what about the bad ones?

Check out the TV finales that AskReddit users were definitely not into.

A famous show in Spain.

“There was a once pretty famous Spanish TV sitcom called ‘Los Serrano’, about a Spanish family and it ran for 5 years, they basically turned the plot into a s**tshow with the wife of the protagonist d**ng, two of his children involved in in**st and the other ending up in juvie.

Pretty dark stuff for a comical sitcom. In the final episode the father went to end his life and when he does it he just wakes up as if nothing happened (nothing as in, the actual whole 8 seasons), it was just a dream.

That’s the ending, the guy waking up at the start of the series to a normal fu**ing family. Which was also extremely weird because his children were obviously grown up but were put in kids clothing and hairstyles and acted like kids. To this day this is still referenced in Spain as a meme.


“Star Trek: Enterprise.

“Hey let’s make the last episode a holodeck episode about two characters that aren’t even in the show! Then for the coup de grace we can needlessly k**l off someone at random.””

That sucks.

“The Last Man on Earth.

Awesome show, didn’t know they were getting canceled, left us with a major cliffhanger that was never resolved.”

People were not happy.

“Game of Thrones definitely s**t the bed.

The writers admitted to half a**ing it and it really blows to see so many peoples’ work go up in flames because two egomaniacs decided the hottest show in the world was suddenly beneath them.”

Didn’t stick with it.

“How I Met Your Mother.

We were shown over and over again Ted and Robin wouldn’t work, yet here we are. I really loved the idea of Barney/Robin being a happy child-free couple too, that concept is so rare.

They had a setup for something really satisfying and decided not to stay with it.”



Ended on a great high note with a goodbye to the main cast and crew, only to be brought back for a ‘final season’ as a cr**py spinoff disguised as Scrubs.”

Alien Life Form.

“No one here talking about ALF.

He finally gets called by his people and they schedule a time for him to be picked up and taken back to his home planet, and the last few seconds of the series end with the FBI pulling up just as the alien mothership is about to pick Alf up.

Cut to black.

I mean, WTF?”


“The Mentalist

I spent so many seasons piecing together the clues to who Red John was only to find out the writers had no clue and just picked someone. It made no sense and was anticlimactic.

Then they tried to continue on for another season afterward without the Red John arc.


Pile of s**t.


The finale was one big pile of s**t that made me realise how bad the previous seasons had been, although I had enjoyed them before.”

Felt rushed.


It took a fan campaign to even bring it back for a second season, and when they did it felt rushed and cancelled again after 7 episodes–the last one of which felt like the writers were given the instruction to find a way to wrap up the entire show in one episode because it was incredibly sloppy and full of plot holes.

Apparently they “wrote” a season 3 as comics, and when Netflix approached them to make it a show, CBS refused to sell it.”


“Falling Skies.

Hyped up this huge final battle between the humans and the bad aliens and the battle was relegated to a handful of radio messages “We are starting the fight now” and then the protagonist conversed with the queen bad alien for a bit, and then he used a Macguffin to k**l her.

Naturally, her d**th caused allllll the bad guys to instantly d** too.

Falling Skies started out very strongly, season one is excellent. The quality started to drop about midway thru season 2. The show is one of my all time media disappointments.”

Yeah, I was really disappointed with the Sherlock finale too..